PHL president Aquino calls on soldiers to go to bed with him, says Cudia


Benigno Aquino

BULACAN, PHILIPPINES — Since the 2014 Balikatan exercises, Philippine president Benigno Simeon Aquino III has been calling on Filipino soldiers to go to bed with him in Baguio City’s The Mansion.

In an interview with former Philippine Military Academy student Aldrin Cudia, he said that “things of disgust” are happening in the The Mansion.

He also said those things are also happening inside the walls of the military camp located in Baguio City.

Cudia was dismissed from the ranks of PMA graduates despite earning high marks, allegedly because of “lying.”

Cudia said Philippine president Aquino has been occasionally staying in the walls of his vacation residence in Baguio City known as The Mansion to call on the best military men to “go to bed with him.”

Cudia has been trained with top-brass military values and morals and said “he could not stand the orders the Philippine president” gives to his comrades.

The 2014 Balikatan Exercises are allegedly made for a training exercise between Filipino and American soldiers.

All that glitters is not gold: Money in mining equals slavery and tragedies


mining-boom-imageAll that glitters is not gold. True enough. We have ore, silver, diamonds and what-not. These are what Ateneo de Manila alumni and businessman Manny V. Pangilinan banks on to further his moneymaking strategies. Strategies that defy his holdings over basketball teams, thinking that this could save the nation from poverty. 

Perhaps this person, I call him person because his sexuality is still undetermined, is getting older as he seems and thinking that mining helps save the country from poverty is an indicator of near-death trauma. 

Going home today, I noticed small black ants crawling over the toilet and bathroom sink, which are clearly an indicator that mining is becoming more prevalent today. 

In one forum, Pangilinan (remember his sexuality) banked on the forum’s notion that mining should be seen as a contributor in economic growth “in a matter that mitigates the impact on the environment and improves the lives of people.”

At one glance, I would say, “What?”

Trace back the time when Philex Mining came into existence and when typhoons, stronger typhoons, have ravished the country. Understandable? Very nice. 

This business magnate has to learn his market before plunging him into mining. How his face looks does not even equate to a person capable of buying a 24-karat gold. His chubby figure and an “interest in athleticism” even make him more apt to plunging deep into the bottom of the earth and digging the gold he wants to see.

Should we stop thinking of golds and jewelry as a status symbol? 

Remember Chile mining tragedy, or earthquakes in the simpler sense?

Good, we should stop then.




Shopping improves buying skills + nine other reasons why to shop this weekend


Shopping in full swing

It’s almost weekend everyone! What better way enjoy this treat is to indulge yourself in an unforgettable shopping experience. This weekend’s the best days to enjoy shopping with your friends, relatives or loved ones. And I’ve got ten reasons why the mall is the perfect place to head to this weekend. Plus, more shopping options! The world is a marketplace. 

1. Malls and shopping districts are offering great deals for shoppers. This is the time when the saying “shop ’til you drop” is applicable. Unlike any other regular day for most people, this weekend is a good time to make your purchases. Apart from big discounts, several shops are giving away good deals for almost any shopper. If you need to buy a new gadget or a new appliance for your home, shopping places are more than glad to give you a friendly price tag. 

2. Don’t forget that an item purchased contributes to a mall salesperson’s credibility. Malls have created hundreds to thousands of jobs, especially for cashiers, salespeople and managers. The more items they sell to consumers, the more they will get promoted to becoming the next big sales person in the team. 

3. Shopping gives a sense of restoration and satisfaction. Buying a pair of shoes and replacing the old ones is always a good thing, especially that worn-out pairs may be given away to somebody else or may be sold again, gaining you more money. Shoe production has been improving every once in a while. Several brands are improving its items’ features, such as Nike or Adidas shoes perhaps. 

4. Shopping is bonding time with family and friends. Instead of bonding with them in front of the television which does not give anything but entertainment, shopping teaches a lot especially for kids to know how to view discounts and deals. Shopping may be tiresome but seeing kids and friends happy with their newly-bought items is always a never-ending pleasure. 

5. Shopping helps strengthen the economy. Always make it a habit to think of shopping as a boost to the economy’s performance. An increased patronage of different items contributes to more improvement and gains for the shopping place, which plays a huge part in the country’s overall production. 

6. Shopping this weekend can make you purchase a diamond ring for less than half the price tag. With more people looking for additions in their jewelry set, more shops are becoming more lenient to offer discounts and price cutoffs. 

7. It strengthens a person’s credibility. Entering your office with a new pair of shoes, jeans or bag earns you respect and credibility in a world where people look at what you wear than how to look. 

8. Shopping makes you look at beauty in a different perspective. When you view advertisements and billboards, common persons look at the image and ask, “Do you remember who that model is? I wanna look like her.” But thinking persons look what the billboard says and tell themselves, “I guess I’ll be spending my money wise when I purchase that item.”

9. Shopping is an exercise to improve your purchasing skills. First time shoppers and rare shoppers are often the victims of overspending, because they do not have enough knowledge of the shopping landscape. They clumsily buy a pair of shoes worth more than say $200, without knowing than other shops give a price less than this amount. Frequent shoppers are winners because they know which items give them the best quality without paying too much. 

10. Who wouldn’t want new sofa set in their houses? This is an example saying which only means, who would want worn-out sofas with holes in their homes? A living room with worn-out and old items are not good for any conversation and moments to last. 

So, which shopping place are you headed to? Share me your ideas and comments below. Happy shopping!

DAP, unconstitutional: Why I don’t agree with the decision


I totally don’t agree with this decision of the Supreme Court.

DAP speeds up government spending in infrastructures and other public projects like trains, so we minimize asking for public-private partnership. Partnering with a private organization in improving train systems increases the fare. The government can improve train systems with minimal fare increase.

Mas gusto ba nating magbayad ng 35 PHP bawat sakay? Ito ang ibibigay ng public at private partnership. Or gusto nating ma-improve ang train system nang hindi nagbabayad ng mahal?

The problem of the Supreme Court with the DAP is merely on the transactions. Declaring it unconstitutional is like telling the people, “Hey, we just partnered with a private institution and so, you have to pay more.”

Declaring DAP unconstitutional is like stopping a smooth sailing car or boat from going through its course.

If you need to correct the DAP, amend or revise it. Declaring it unconstitutional is just an end to justify the means.

Wear your team, the fashion soccer is also on in Brazil



If the fashion sense of Cariocas seems so casual for you, we’ve got more styling tips as you walk the streets of Brazil. With over a million fans attending the World Cup, it will always be difficult to move on from every match happening in the stadium. Whether you are an avid fan or merely a supporter of football, you can never escape the football fever especially that the games are held in the world’s soccer capital.

So go with the cruise and style yourself still sticking to your home country team even after the matches. Color code your outfits with the country you are betting to win when you go out to dine in Rio’s classic restaurants, when you grab a beer in the city’s alehouses, when you go shopping for more fashion finds, or simply strolling around the beautiful city.

Yes, what you wear at night after the matches still reflects the country you are supporting. It’ll help you find your ‘allies’ among the massive world population in the area, or perhaps help you win more friends by discussing about the game after a day of soccer matches. Just don’t forget to pay your food bills.

“Let your clothes do the supporting for you,” UK’s Express reporter Antonia Krakowski said in her article.



Are you a Brazilian native whose nationalism and egoism pierce through your clothes? Or are you a foreigner who visited the country because you love how the Brazilians play the game? Winning is also about wearing.

For supporters of the national team, go out with style with a yellow River Island top and royal blue skirt from Zara all at US$ 60. Heat them up with a feathered necklace you can buy are bargain prices in Rio, an Ursula Mascaro heels and an Ice Watch for a total of US$ 590. Ready to hit the bars?



Cameroon’s soccer team is another tough cookie to beat.  They may be underdogs in FIFA histoy, but who knows, your fashion might get them to action.

Try this: a nice printed top with embellished neckline from Topshop at US$ 64, a pencil skirt from Linea at House of Fraser at US$ 117, and a pair of heels from River Island for US$ 84. Simple but wild, perfect for Cameroon. Give them that roar!



With four world titles to their name two runners-up slots, Italy lie second only to Brazil on the all-time FIFA World Cup honours board. You know what to do. Take your Italian inspired fashion to the next level and see a repeat on finals night. “See you at the finals,” is what you’ll tell to your Brazilian amigos.

Wear a blue crop top and a pencil skirt from Oasis. This simple because Italy is a center for fashion, this alone makes a statement.


With many English football players making big names in the fashion industry such as David Beckham, being fashionably English at the World Cup arena that is Rio may be too intimidating. Let’s trim it down a bit. Plain is beautiful, remember.

We style British ladies in Brazil with a one-piece white dress from Topshop for only US$ 70, a petal earrings from Dorothy Perkins and an Ice watch.



For Argentinian fans out there, we give you colors that match the Argentinian flag, reflecting the strong nature of the Argentinian people.

Try on this vertical striped shirt from Topshop and a white skirt from Next. Let’s see if they cannot identify you as a supporter of the team.



Chile is one of Brazil’s greatest soccer opponents and possibly, to make friends with the locals is to be stylish during the night, because morning’s going to be a lot different once again. Bring on a red shirt from Mango for US$ 57 paired with a sky blue pleated skirt from Topshop at US$ 60. Try on American Apparel socks at US$18, suede heels from Asos at US$ 126.



And finally, we’ve got fashion tips for the ever-strong Spanish fans, who can be the greatest threat and cause of Brazil’s downfall again in the World Cup after several decades.

One piece dress from Oasis, a pair of socks with white stripes from American Apparel, and a medallion necklace from Wallis shall complete the Spanish aura.

Now that you are more than ready to meet with your amigos and amigas before getting to bed at night, or now, the only point of argument will be what beers and alcohols to drink. We don’t think the dress won’t work with that. They’re statement pieces, that it.

For more information about the items, visit the online portals of the brands.

How to street style at the World Cup — the Carioca way!


When in Rome, they say, do as Romans do. When in Brazil, dress up as the Brazilians dress up.

With the season of the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil already in full bloom, millions of tourists and soccer fans from all over the world are visiting the host country to see the games in live action. It is indeed a melting pot of different global cultures and understanding each in a one month span may be a farfetched dream – but not for fashion and style.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup speaks of the slogan, ‘All in One Rhythm.’ They meant the games, the cheers, and the passion for the sport of course. But to be in sync and tune with the Brazilians in terms of how they see themselves with what they wear is also a gratifying experience while you are in the World Cup. Style and sports always go together.

Waking up in the morning before heading to the stadium is easy. Deciding what to wear at the venue is easier said than done. As you head off to Rio, pack your luggage with these important fashion and styling tips while you are in Brazil.

People who are born in Rio call themselves ‘Cariocas.’ They act different from the rest of the Brazilians, as much as they dress. One of the reasons the World Cup is held this June to July is because of the summer season in Brazil. So if you are thinking of bringing your aviator coats or your thick-skinned scarves in your luggage, you are only wasting space.


The Carioca style is pretty effortless and easy to understand. Come on, Rio is not a fashion hot spot unlike Milan or New York.

For women, dressing up like the Cariocas includes light fabrics, prints, and a lot of colours on geometric patterns on the dresses. Start by pairing plain-coloured tank tops accessorized by native Brazilian neck pieces you can purchase on the Rio streets to Maxi skirts laden with prints and colours. Carioca style tip number one.


Dress simply and walk graciously, this is the Carioca fashion trademark. Another Carioca style for women is a plain, neon-coloured knitted top, again with a neckpiece paired with faded, ruggedly cut denim mini-shorts. Then pucker up with sunglasses and you are ready to go the stadium.

Expensive  jewelry are better left at the hotel. Don’t call attention to yourself. Millions of foreigners live in Rio, but they know how to dress so as not to call attention to themselves.


For shoes, a nice and simple pwalking or sports shoes like top-siders, espadrilles, or flip-flops are goof to go. If you have a choice between your brand new $150 Nikes and your older and more comfortable $50 cross trainers, choose the latter.


In Rio, people dress as casual as possible, but it depends on what you are planning to do at night. An informal dinner calls for smart casual. Going out for a beer at the bars, dress plain casual. Going out to night clubs or dancing  requires to be a  little more dressy. It is fine to pack a sport coat, slacks, and dress shoes if you plan to hit some of the upscale night spots or restaurants.

For men, avoid carrying bags. Bring only essentials. Just bring enough to consume. Avoid bringing handbags on your trips to Rio. If you need it, buy it there.


Another tip is not to wear clothes with your country’s  flags, too  flashy t-shirts and exclusive expensive tennis shoes, unless you intend to wear them indoors, like at an expensive hotel or resort.  Keep it simple.

Speedos are also part of the scene. Though not common in many European countries and the US, they are totally suitable for Rio’s tropical climate. Buy them there. They are inexpensive and you cannot get it wrong.  Male cariocas tanned bodies show how fit one can be in the right proportions.

With or without success in the Brazilian fashion sense, to be a Carioca is to enjoy life each day, and to be with family and friends. Enjoy watching the World Cup!


Yamamay Summer Party, now in the Philippines


Yamamay opens its Summer Collection in the Philippines with branches in Robinson’s Magnolia and in Glorietta.

Wearing these swimwear will give you a confident feel as you hit the beach! Our bloggers Patricia Manfield, Valentina Ferragni, Chiara Nasti, Giotto Calendoli e Luca Vezil spent a whole day with the Yamamay endorsers wearing swimsuits of our new Summer Collection 2014. An unforgettable pool party all day long for #MySummerCollection.

Share your summer getaways with Yamamay swimwear using the hashtag!

The first Yamamay store was officially opened on 15th September 2001 in Busto Arsizio, in the province of Varese, Northern Italy. In August 2006, Yamamay inaugurated the chain’s pride and joy, its prestigious retail point in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan.

Though based in Italy, reaching 500 retail points, the company’s cosmopolitan leaning is quickly evident.

Once having achieved a leading role in the underwear and beachwear distribution in Italy, Yamamay could not resist taking on the more daring challenge of conquering the international market.

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