Robin Williams died of Parkinson’s disease, CNN reports; doctors think disease is related to an immunity illness



QUEZON CITY, Philippines — Renowned actor and comedian Robin Williams died August 11, with Parkinson’s disease as the cause of death reported by CNN. However, doctors question whether the disease is related to a larger immunity virus.

Here’s a famous quote by Williams: “

‘Divorce is like ripping a man’s genitals out through his wallet’

The world is waiting for his final funeral rites, to pay last tributes. 

#GoSeeBwiseet: 14 Lovely Reasons Why Walking on Runways and A Modelling Career Are Wastes of Time


love babygap billboard

Have you been to your national roads and expressways nowadays, or perhaps malls and shopping centers? You may have probably noticed at parlance the images of models, male and female and everything in between, endorsing your favorite brands. 

Today, thinking buyers are buying those items now because of the item’s quality and price tag, not based on whoever or whatever image is in there. Have you seen the ads of Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton with images of models, common people say, “to die for”? The language itself is of no meaning at all, cannot be understood, perhaps, a matter of craziness and insanity.

Allow us to give you 14 reasons why a modelling career is a waste of time. Or, too lazy to read all 12? 

Don’t take that risky road of showing off bodies for the sake of, let’s call it, Grace. 

1. Models are getting ugly nowadays. Why waste your time?

2. People don’t notice you anyway, but notice the items that models cannot even buy or purchase.

3. If people ever notice them, it’s an indication of tragic times for the rest of the people whom these “eyes” don’t see as beautiful. 

4. Ever got fascinated by Hunger Games fashion? You must be getting poor. 

5. These items, such as clothing, bags, shoes and what-not, are cheap. Which means, they don’t have value.

6. Valuable items are everywhere, more than what you could ever imagine.

7. Don’t wait for them to endorse jewelries, as jewelries took so many lives and cost so many “ugliness” to parade the beauty these “golds” have. What, are you living in the 1800s? You have to find your death bed, my dear. 

8. Modelling won’t give you enough financial needs to support your family in terms of giving them health, benefits and other things. 

9. Modelling won’t give you enough financial needs to survive for a year, or even for for half a month. Do you want to get poor? No one does. So enough of those poses. 

10. Who knows something about Imelda Marcos, the icon of fashion? She was a model. But, she has no value. 

11. Again, valuable things such as gold, silver and other things for jewelry-making or, for energy-building is enough to call some people slaves and miners. Are you living in the 1950s?

12. Designers are gay, enough of fooling us. 

13. Modelling does not set an example. What, a great body? What, a great look? What, a beautiful face? Some models and actors need to do something more worthwhile, other than amusing people.  

14. We see them as beautiful. 

So when people ask you, “what’s your job?” or “what are you doing right now?” And you answer modeling? Prepare to be laughed at. 

It’s Pay Day, but oops, the next one does not come after 15 more days



It’s Pay Day week for most people. The human instinct tells an employee who gets his or her paycheck right from the accounting department or right from your boss to drink out, pig out, and shop. While many find this necessary especially after a week filled with chaotic traffic, office stress and road accidents, smarter employees would think otherwise.

It may be Pay Day, but oops, the next one does not come after 15 more days. We’ve talked about shopping last Pay Day and we assume you’ve maxed out your credit cards. Banking institutions are now extending their hands on you saying, “Your payment? Your debt?”

In this day and age, it is highly necessary to be financially literate and smart, with higher commodity prices and frequent oil price hikes. You don’t want getting inside another train and hurting yourself, do you?

We’ve got you covered with some leads on where to take your Pay Day goodness and tips on where to spend them, if you are too nagging to take a bite off your salary.

1. Be informed and educated. This blog is not a financial blog that gives you all the information, we just give you the leads. Take time reading through online materials, bank brochures, financial pamphlets and more to give you information on growing your money. Before taking any investment action, know what it is, know how much returns they’re going to give you and know the risks.

Don’t forget to talk to the experts. There are groups today, and some of them may be on your circle, that offer “investment methods” promising great returns, as long as you invest the money in them. This is not a credible and legitimate investment procedure.

2. Keep track of your credit card statements and bank accounts. A credit card is not something that you hand over to the cashier to pay for your items. Because whenever we are inside shopping malls, we lose control of nearly everything. The next day, you’ll find out you’ve maxed out your salary just because of paying for your credit card bills. And you don’t want another set of debts.

3. Invest in products that are cheap and you are familiar with. You are a young professional and being young, as what big bosses think about new hires, does not mean you don’t have the right on money matters. Invest in things that suit your age and expect returns. A risky investment is not advisable for the younger generation.

4. Buy stocks directly from your company. Going back to square one and tip number one, educate and ask yourself, “Is it wise for me to buy stocks from the company I am in?” and gauge your other expenses. Once you buy stocks, you’ll be getting dividends in the form of shares, depending on the performance of the company, depending on each employee’s performance. This is not applicable for all as not all companies have this option.

5. Invest in mutual funds. Find your financial adviser to guide your through the process. This is where talking to experts fall under. Studying this for yourself might be a little confusing with all the figures and graphs, enough to make you refuse this form early on. But with the method of this investment, you’ll regret giving up early. Investing in mutual funds involve putting your money as part of a bigger company’s transactions, say a multinational firm.

As stocks of that company grow through time, your money grows as well and you’ll get returns. Paper trails and documentations provided by your financial adviser are enough to prove the legality of this process. You can always check Stock Market news and updates to keep yourself on track.

Now that we’ve shared some leads on where to take your money, it’s time to get moving. But this is not all, as these tips are helpful for young and starting professionals. Let’s leave the rest of the riskier roads for older people and adults to take.

Are you going out for a party or a drink? Think again. And we did mention about some spending and shopping tips for those who are insistent. The billboards, ads and visuals you see around are enough to take you there, but be careful.

Sources: WikiHow, Forbes, BPI Express Online,, Reader’s Digest Asia

What to do this weekend: Get the best out of bargain shops



Forget the brands and know what you want.

Last week, I posted about great shopping deals and experiences with malls on sale. But sometimes, hitting the malls every time they start a sale (because sometimes, they just change names to, “Weekend Treat,” “Eid’l Fitr Sale,” “Mother’s Day Sale,” etc.), costs as much as visiting these stores once in a while. 

A male sale may save a couple of money for every shopper, but at the end of the day you’ll realize there are more shopping options that can help you save more money. This weekend, let me take you to one of the best bargain shops around town — the Greenhills shopping district.

Greenhills Shopping Center is located right at the heart of San Juan City, where many office buildings and commercial spaces are located, not to mention house villages where families reside. Unlike the high-end Makati business district widely known for some elite shopping experience, where buying a cup of ice cream costs as much as a fully loaded meal in Greenhills. What’s best about Greenhills is great bargains. It’s like it’s always a sale every day. Well, it’s a fact.

This shopping center is packed with all things that you cannot find around usual malls. The only advantage a legitimate mall has like SM or Ayala Malls is that shops are organized and are properly labelled. But for expert shoppers who know the nooks and crannies of the shopping landscape, labels are not that important.

Greenhills has everything from trendy fashion wears, gadgets, food bazaars, home appliances, toys, name it and this shopping haven has it all for you — one of the main reasons why I do not believe in SM’s tagline.

Let me guide you through this entire shopping process in Greenhills.

1. It is a high-end Divisoria. You’ve been to Divisoria? Good, then you fairly get a glimpse of Greenhills landscape. You haven’t been the Divisoria? Imagine an indoor flea market. Greenhills is best known for its tiangges and bazaars. Hearing one person say, “I need to find a concierge to ask where this place is,” is a disgrace for shopping enthusiasts.

2. Work on your bargaining skills. My mom is probably a bargain expert. Several items in the district are tagged with prices double the actual price you can purchase the item at. Bargain at half the price and when the vendor says no, look for another shop. But if you really want the item, fight for it, and when I say so, do not get too convinced by the price tag. 

3. Discover corners until you find what you need. This is one thing big shopping malls won’t offer. You need a pair of jeans? They show you brands. In Greenhills, it’s the other way around. Style comes first before brands. You need this cut of jeans? Look at stores and the brands are just add-ons.

4. It’s a great place for wholesale shopping. It’s not the holidays but should you need to purchase items in bulk, this is the place to be. Many stores will offer huge discounts for bulk items, saving you more.

5. Lastly, decide on a meeting place, it’s important. Greenhills has a varierty of shops. At the basement is a fashion bazaar, on the other floors are brand stores and on the other side of the street are havens for techie individuals. For a dad or a brother to stay with a mom as she selects the best slacks to pair with her blouse is almost a torture. Decide on a meeting place and meet with shopping bags with items purchased.

This weekend is all about shopping!

PHL Minister Edwil Zabala speaks to the public about joining the Church


526x297-_y1It’s high time for the Philippines to change its course for economic development, after the Bangsamoro peace deal was signed in the past months, ending several years of warfare.

This week, the nation celebrated as Eduardo V. Manalo was voted by the Public to become the nations’ first legitimate Prime Minister since the attempt made during the Martial Law. 

PM Manalo made history as he joined Philippine President Benigno Simeon “PNoy” Aquino III in the launching of the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan, one of the regions of the Republic. 

Today, Minister Edwil Zabala, a member of PM Manalo’s council spoke to the public in a television interview with news anchor Korina Sanchez, about joining the Church.

Minister Zabala said the Church is continuously growing in number and the celebration may just be the first of many celebrations in the future.

He referred to the Church as the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), whose members are celebrating its 100th year anniversary this July 27. 

Zabala is a former pastor of the Iglesia Ni Cristo serving one of the Church’s ecclesiastical districts. 

The public, as well as the members of the Church of Christ, together shared the sentiments of this historic political shift, with one proud individual saying, “It’s very uplifiting.”

For more updates on this historic political shift, follow @CalipsusPR on Twitter and join the thread using #PHParliament. 

May God bless The Queen.

PHL president Aquino calls on soldiers to go to bed with him, says Cudia


Benigno Aquino

BULACAN, PHILIPPINES — Since the 2014 Balikatan exercises, Philippine president Benigno Simeon Aquino III has been calling on Filipino soldiers to go to bed with him in Baguio City’s The Mansion.

In an interview with former Philippine Military Academy student Aldrin Cudia, he said that “things of disgust” are happening in the The Mansion.

He also said those things are also happening inside the walls of the military camp located in Baguio City.

Cudia was dismissed from the ranks of PMA graduates despite earning high marks, allegedly because of “lying.”

Cudia said Philippine president Aquino has been occasionally staying in the walls of his vacation residence in Baguio City known as The Mansion to call on the best military men to “go to bed with him.”

Cudia has been trained with top-brass military values and morals and said “he could not stand the orders the Philippine president” gives to his comrades.

The 2014 Balikatan Exercises are allegedly made for a training exercise between Filipino and American soldiers.

All that glitters is not gold: Money in mining equals slavery and tragedies


mining-boom-imageAll that glitters is not gold. True enough. We have ore, silver, diamonds and what-not. These are what Ateneo de Manila alumni and businessman Manny V. Pangilinan banks on to further his moneymaking strategies. Strategies that defy his holdings over basketball teams, thinking that this could save the nation from poverty. 

Perhaps this person, I call him person because his sexuality is still undetermined, is getting older as he seems and thinking that mining helps save the country from poverty is an indicator of near-death trauma. 

Going home today, I noticed small black ants crawling over the toilet and bathroom sink, which are clearly an indicator that mining is becoming more prevalent today. 

In one forum, Pangilinan (remember his sexuality) banked on the forum’s notion that mining should be seen as a contributor in economic growth “in a matter that mitigates the impact on the environment and improves the lives of people.”

At one glance, I would say, “What?”

Trace back the time when Philex Mining came into existence and when typhoons, stronger typhoons, have ravished the country. Understandable? Very nice. 

This business magnate has to learn his market before plunging him into mining. How his face looks does not even equate to a person capable of buying a 24-karat gold. His chubby figure and an “interest in athleticism” even make him more apt to plunging deep into the bottom of the earth and digging the gold he wants to see.

Should we stop thinking of golds and jewelry as a status symbol? 

Remember Chile mining tragedy, or earthquakes in the simpler sense?

Good, we should stop then.