Soneto XLV

It has been a very long time since I visited this blogsite and it is because of, the reason I always say: studies. This semester has been a lot busier than the previous one.

Whenever I open my dashboard, there is one thing I look at first and that is, my stats. I do not know why but it gives me some sort of a relief that despite the petty topics I post here on my WordPress blog, as differed by the subjects I work on my Friendster and Blogger sites, at least one person visits my site everyday. But as I panned my view to the ‘new comments’ tab, or ‘Yodelling’ as I call it, I was caught by a comment from Prof. Zeus Salazar. Well honestly, I never expected him to write a reply over my past blogs on Pablo Neruda’s poem (Sonnet XLV) and the Filipino version created by him.

I once said on that post that I couldn’t spot the original version of the poem which is in Spanish just for comparative purposes though I am not an Spanish language expert. But thanks to the link given by Prof. Salazar and now I could repost the Spanish poem. Maraming salamat po!

Below is the original Spanish version of the poem:

Soneto XLV por Pablo Neruda

No estés lejos de mí un solo día, porque cómo,
porque, no sé decirlo, es largo el día,
y te estaré esperando como en las estaciones
cuando en alguna parte se durmieron los trenes.
No te vayas por una hora porque entonces
en esa hora se juntan las gotas del desvelo
y tal vez todo el humo que anda buscando casa
venga a matar aún mi corazón perdido.
Ay que no se quebrante tu silueta en la arena,
ay que no vuelen tus párpados en la ausencia:
no te vayas por un minuto, bienamada,
porque en ese minuto te habrás ido tan lejos
que yo cruzaré toda la tierra preguntando
si volverás o si me dejarás muriendo.

Since I began reading his poems, I could feel something really different with they’re messages. I never experienced ‘intimate’ love to a partner, and never tried to initiate one, yet Neruda simply gives me a hint. And I’m loving it.


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