Craving Cantonese

Our second visit to Hong Kong last December 2009 was far too different from our first one. Initially because we’ve been to more places in our second visit, marvelous places like Disneyland, the Victoria Peak, a ride on the Harbour Cruise, the Lantau Island experience, and a 12-hour tour in Macau. As a traveller, you must always have your guts. We met different kinds of people to ask for travel tips, from our co-Filipinos, to Indonesians working in Hong Kong, our nice tour guides in Macau, and to the Hong Kongers, as they are called.

When we got back here in the Philippines, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about our five-day trip, that became an obsession to me, not just merely ‘love’. It made me crave for more, and be back to the little but great city in a single snap.

Because of all the thrills, I decided to add a fancy dream to my wish list, to learn Cantonese, the language spoken by the residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and some people in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Cantonese is maybe the easiest Chinese dialect to learn because the language has been spoken mainly by the younger generation and words aren’t complex and difficult to be pronounced. As opposed by Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese offers users a easier experience because it is free of any handwriting counterpart, as the language is solely used for oral communication.

I thought it would be hard for me to learn the language but I called myself wrong. Because of the availability of the Internet, many websites offer free tutorial/audio lessons for Cantonese. And a website called is just a perfect portal to learn the language.

The site includes clear audio pieces giving  the user a step-by-step learning guide . Lessons are designed systematically for someone who would want to learn basic Cantonese, which he could as he travel to Cantonese-speaking countries.

Perfect as well to businessmen, also offers audio lessons for Mandarin Chinese.

Users could play audio samples while jogging, reading a book, or travelling on a cruise or on an airplane, as audio clips are downloadable in different formats.

Getting excited? Hurry and visit

Surely you won’t regret the experience.

Learn Chinese EZ


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