Hills Like White Elephants

“This is a short film I directed at the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood in 2008. It was my first midterm project and I loved directing it. The story is about abortion and the end of a love relationship, and for those of you who noticed, I intentionally switched the dialogue between Jig and The American. It’s from 3:39 until 4:15. This is my personal choice as is the leaving out of some of the original dialogue just as Hemingway left out of the word “abortion” in his story. I hope you enjoy the adaptation.” – johnson280, director of the short film.

Courtesy: YouTube


One thought on “Hills Like White Elephants

  1. I really appreciated the way Hemingway wrote the short story. However, gathering up all my emotions was done as I watched this short film.

    When I read the story, I was like someone from a nearby table eavesdropping at their conversation, an spy without a purpose. You wouldn’t get it at first but as you go on listening, you would come to understand what it was all about, and how each of the two feels towards the situation.

    Try figuring it out for yourself!

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