I’m getting. weird.
these past few days but
like an rubber band,
it’s all gonna come
back to its ‘original’ shape
&position perhaps.

I just wanted to ask
a few questions to you,
to me, to them. When
there’s a will, there
will always be a way,
and when there isn’t,
there are complaints
or unreasonable reasons –
what’s wrong with this?

what shall a bride feel
when the groom does
not show up in a
wedding wrapped
for five
five years?

you were anointed
so speak up
speak up
speak up
and Act

i thought i was in a
world i deemed perfect-
ly well but not
it is just a mini-Philippines
where some who wanted power
gets it but powerlessly use it
where a few wanted real
change. radical change.
reasonable change.
this isn’t what i
expected it to be

we want more.

what the hell is going on
when you light up lamp
if it’s oil does not naturally
bear fire?

when you twist a dry towel
as hard as a block and let
water out???
Ignorance! Choice,
why him


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