Through every splash that the sea makes, through the gleaming horizons lined peacefully beneath the soothing roof of the sky, though the rafts and the rhythmic motion of the ship, and through every bit of answer the astrolabe makes, there is triumph that awaits someone who is keen to explore.

The silence that broke each and every man’s doubt on the knowledge waiting to be discovered was an indication that they are getting nearer, several steps closer to magnificence, and grandeur. Few months from the day by which they all succumbed and sacrificed, thinking that in the end, all of them would rejoice, celebrate and be filled with jubilation, the reign of sophistication would honour them for the discovery that they had made. They would soon be hailed as bearers of a new beginning.

Every splashes made by the sea became hastily melodic with the abruptness of the ship’s motion. The day they all awaited for was already at their fingertips – capable of being touched, capable of being caressed, capable of being felt. Lights flickered along their way, silence of doubt whether they are seeing a real place rummaged across their eyes, eyes of bewilderment. But indeed all of it is true, real, and actual. At last, they have finally made it, at last.

That piece of land they are onto was a sign of a new beginning – the New World.

Few years after the sprouting of a new beginning, that world has been gifted with graces, showered with blessings that all other nations either exulted with them, or praised them for their dignity. Time really does fly. As the wisdom that has once been a dream was finally in their hands, with those developments, instant progress, and gradual change, the world has finally been set to a motion that made it as earnest as they swaying of the Oriental skies. Yet several years after the exploration, it continuously subsided and seemed to have become exasperated for it has drifted into a feat that the world never wanted to. This is the Great Depression. Now, hundreds of years after the coming of a new hope, history repeated itself, and so, another crisis unfolds, a disaster that bothered many others thinking of a worst scenario than before, an even more wicked one. With the rising of new values, and new forms of acquisition, the fear of the people would be the feat that all of them would step onto.

Power. Vigour. Might. The huge obstacle that we are facing has to be challenged by a different kind of strength. I believe that within the shells, within the leafless trees with terrifying branches which obstruct our way, within the towering dark pillars, a gem is waiting to be unfolded. A gem, very precious one, which only the chosen ones could disclose. We are on a quest, a perilous yet exhilarating, journey that each and every one must take, but surely a challenge on which not everyone would succeed.

Many men have undertaken ways on rescuing their own race, a very rushed scenario that everybody is in turmoil as they eagerly steps forward to make the grade. If only, we acted since the beginning of time, we made something to save ourselves since the outrage of crisis, we would have the bow and the arrow to target the eye of this catastrophe. Now, it brings us to more challenge, to a quest that we must take.

Knowledge is said to have possessed the power that a very few people knew. With the road of history, only a few people have sought for the fate they all wanted to – for themselves and for the world as well. Yet their own ashes have desolated their discoveries and ignored by many. With a few people who shed the light, only a few were enlightened. Now is the rush hour from which we have to quickly disseminate everything for the benefit of mankind, if not to rise them up from the peril they are into, to keep the present intact and place a shield that would cover them from any further danger.


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