It was a three-day sale in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City last May 28 to May 30. We came to know of it not from a newspaper ad or from a billboard we see along roads, which are our usual sources – but from a friend, who shopped there for eight hours on Saturday.

The next day, we were found strolling inside Trinoma. Full of people browsing stores with SALE tags and posters. I pass through the mall everyday when I ride the jeepney home and the people weren’t that many. Items in Trinoma in ‘normal’ days are priced affordable only by a relatively wealthy group. Now, Filipinos in all ages and status are into a shopping spree.

The shopping population gets even more as they open for a three-day sale. Considering the fact that more and more people are complaining about poverty. Well, who is to blame if the mall is an animal engulfing people, and a paradise where everybody is lured? Maybe it is only the Filipinos, who belong to the consumerist society, who are attracted by big shopping districts since other countries do not have a shop as big as our Mall of Asia.

Here and there, the styles worn by artists on TV are given a huge discount. The shoppers didn’t mind the long queues on paying lanes. They didn’t mind the heat inside the mall’s plaza despite the airconditioned ambience.

We shopped for about four hours, half of how much our friend has consumed. We shopped until the mall’s closing hour. The people got fewer as time passed. They exited the mall holding bunches and bags of goods.

They have to wait for weeks for the next big mall sale.


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