Cotton Candy

I want to say thank you to Kath Nacario for being the Muse who inspired me to write this poem though there wasn’t a real cotton candy as she wished before. At least I was able to make it real (at some point) with this poem. 🙂


Cotton Candy

Sun strikes intensely, burning me
Fluffy white clouds hover
above me, like a seal
whose stomach is filled with squid.

Midst the tall wheat grains
I spotted an old man pushing
a metal cart, weaving cotton
candies. I bought one
smooth, pink rolled strands
grasping my fingers
like cobwebs

I tasted it. Saliva mixing
with the candy substance
hugging my tongue
pursing my lips

And it melted
before even reaching
my throat. But its
sweetness caressed
my voice box tight.

I felt it swam to
my stomach, tickling.
I can’t wait to have
another round

I want a friend
like a cotton candy –
innocent, light
but sweet.


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