Passionate Move

Talk and ask them questions, they don’t want pauses. Stand beside them, and either you become one of them or you get away. Being a journalist, you’ve got to master the art and the science of the profession while you are in communication with them. Their words are burning with passion, enthusiasm, and fervor. They’ll tell you to join their cause, and leave if you don’t belong. It’s a simple thing.

I was in the middle of the crowd during the rally march against budget cut in Mendiola.Strapped around my neck was a digital camera, not even with the lenses rolled, and on my hand a recorder. It’s my first time, and the chants uttered by the students echoed. It was as if they were in their own world, unwary of the car beeps, police patrols, and random people looking aghast along the side-streets.

Red banners, flags, shirts, and the spirit – this made up the rally, with people wanting change and reforms, wishing that the government would hear their cause.

We passed by FEU Manila and stopped their for a while to wait for the cluster of students coming from UP Manila (they too are fighting for the budget cut as the health sector is also affected). Students either handheld mobile phones built with cameras in, smiling, as if they’re taking a shot on a UP Oblation March.

Well it is of the same march, every march in the University has always been meaningful but this time, it involves more. Bystanders would keep watching not because of the nature of the march, but because of the cause. The crowd kept on calling on the FEU students to walk out of their classes and join. No one did.

The UP crowd answered: May pambayad kasi kayo.

But it’s wrong to say it’s only the UP crowd, or even the PUP crowd. Some students joined the rally lagging behind the majority. Those behind were public high school students forwarding not budget cut but the impositions set on the secondary school system.

(I haven’t listened to the sound bite yet. By their small voices had something big to say.)

I, too, was immersed in a different world. It seemed they had their own mind.

It was just powerful.

I have just become a burgeoning activist in my own way.


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