We couldn’t just leave our childhood animated TV shows. There are times when my mom would glance at the TV set randomly while my siblings are watching their favorite cartoon shows. She was talking with someone on the phone then.

Just as I opened my social networking account this afternoon, the first item on the Top News bar was posted by my orgmate. It was profile picture shared. His was an anime guy and on the comment box, he wrote:

“Repost: Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories.”

I did. I chose Cedie, the Little Prince among many others -Tom Sawyer, Tinky Winky, Inu-yasha, and even Heidi. I was a animated series fan then when I was a child, I suddenly went out. Now I rarely watch TV.

This is the second-to-the-last thing I would do before I sleep – to list down my FB friends with their profile pictures. The last thing would be to read my Psychology 101 readings.

Lindley Agustin – Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe

Jenina Borromeo –  a pink baby chicken (?)

Franz dela Fuente – Noddy

Gian Suyat – Hunter X Hunter character

Subtle Ty – Angemon with his owner (nakalimutan ko yung name)

Icee Dumo – Sailor Neptune

Kim Pauig – Popeye

Bea Cruz – Johnny Bravo

Drei Madrileno – Cooking Master Boy

Suzette Dalumpines – Heidi

Dawn Fabrero – Judie Abbott

Hannah Israela de Leon – the Fairly Oddparents

Margaux dela Merced – Blossom of PPG

Aaron Longalong – the Flintstones family

Farah Xuxa – Ariel of the Little Mermaid

Lea Ricasa – from One Piece

Denisse Lauren Agustin – Heidi

Angel Evangelista – Daimos

Clark Baluca – from Yakitate Japan

Jaicy Mendoza – Jasmine of Aladdin

Mario Urrutia – Rugrats

Nathalia Diwa – B1 and B2

Medem Fadriquela – Minnie Mouse

Vienna Quebral – Winnie the Pooh

Naiadin De Guzman – Mickey Mouse


It’s tiring. I will have to read for my Psych 101 now.


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