Navi 2011

It was in during the last week of December that I had a taste and enthusiasm for a new journal, at the same time a planner as it goes with a diary. I bought a brown-colored planner entitled “Navi 2011: Your Life Navigator”.

On the second leaf was a passage, it’s obviously not a poem, but without a title, without an author. Only a text below that said: ‘about navi’. So it’s about the planner itself.

I would like to share it here.

The line cuts appear the same as the ones in the leaf.

It read:

Every time I jump aboard a train, I am whisked

away into a myriad of possibilities, a lifetime of

chances, a journey of a thousand miles.

Everything starts off as a challenge – finding

that perfect spot, tucking in the luggage, and

riding the rhythm as the train lunges forward.

And there’s always that constant fear of keeping my

balance whenever I need to confront the aisle.

Thankfully, the window becomes my constant friend.

It reminds me of my purpose – what I am here

for. More than reaching a fixed destination like what

my ticket dictates, I am here for an entirely

different reason: to experience everything that life

has to offer me in this lifetime, or at least during

the entire length of another personal journey.

Like the moving picture right by my window, each view

calls unto me like an old friend I’ve somehow forgotten.

Its nostalgic unfamiliarity beckons me. Every blink offers

a new sight, every captured image trails a hundred of

thoughts, and every thought leads to an explosion of ideas.

A priceless treat for a relatively cheap fee, and

all I have to do is sit idly by the window.

I wish to share my overwhelming discovery to the

person sitting next to me, but alas he’s snoring his way,

all the way to his designated station – I presume.

As for me, the journey has started and it is now,

in this very moment, that I feel most alive.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make the most out of 2011. 🙂


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