Again, Crossroads

More than the zodiac signs, there are more changes around happening in various ways unimaginable.

And most of the time they are pleasurable, not to mention the tiny bits of aches embedded on it. The opposite of pleasure makes it more adventurous. Be open.

“I understand the incredible strangeness of your world because it’s the same as mine.”

A post from a Twitter page.

Great opposites. Not between us. I knew there are lots of overlapping characters fondly manageable between us. It’s the move. The move without hesitations. I would be doing it for the first time. And like every ‘first’, it’s always cupped with mistakes, sometimes even on the trials. But I wanted to start it perfectly – starting with reality, no trials. Without it, it makes everything sincere.

Things go different when words about the feeling are involved. It is a even question when words really are needed for the expression. It comes to me gradually, the thirst for right words, gaping for phrases. Either way, expression would always find a way to discharge itself like flowing water.

People always try to mingle with the ‘norms’, no matter how opposing they are to their personal views. In the beginning, silence prevails, mouths gaping. But as you ride along, you realize your peace have taught you to express words depending on the nature of the the so-called ‘norm’.

There are reasons to hate consistency, conformity, and uniformity. When you are consistent, you lack the taste for something new. When you conform, you don’t learn as much as when you don’t conform. When things are uniform, things remain untwisted.

But these three must, and could always be present, depending on situations. Sometimes it’s good, even great, when new things are absent, as well as thirst. Sometimes it’s good when you rest from realizations. Sometimes it’s good when things are constant.

However, it still leads you back to thirst, as it never remains.

Torn between two tracks. I take in the pleasure of the mind, as I learn to take pleasure of the heart.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”  ~Roy Disney

There would always be a middle ground. I must find a way to start looking for it, as I look for things to satisfy my heart.


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