This Way

Let me talk about love this time. There are two things that preoccupied me this weekend (it’s better than not having anything engulf your thoughts). First, the connection between love and free will. Honestly, I got this from ‘Bruce Almighty’, a film starred by Hollywood comedian Jim Carrey. After watching the film, I told myself Carrey will be one of the favorite Hollywood actors from then on and I am looking forward to watching more of his movies, except for his superhero stints.

He was fit for the role – a guy who almost revolted against God because of troubles, and a guy who wanted to express undying love to his wife. He hated God so he was made a God and that’s when he realized constant praying do not necessarily mean they would be answered right away. The film said before God gives blessings, there has to be a right prayer.

He prayed for his wife’s happiness. It so happened that the wife’s happiness would depend on him leaving her. It’s not within his free will but that’s real love. In the end, the wife realized she can’t live without her man so she went back to him.

How to practice free will without sacrificing love? He asked this question to ‘God’ in the film and God said he didn’t have an answer either.

The second thing on the preoccupation is about me taking the next step on the ladder. The risk and the rewards of getting there.

More than how it moves in unimaginable ways, love tells you the greater fact that you could feel it once it strikes. 


When I look forward to a goal, I make sure I hit it – as fast as I could, yet still making sure I do not overlook the consequences.

Our Psychology 101 professor told us Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is always within every person. Some reaches only the second level because of a lack of ability to reach the next step in the rightest way possible. When you make a step, you know you did make one, but the righteousness of that level you thought you may be, most of the time, is beyond your knowledge.

But the bottom line: I knew I climbed up.

It’ a first and it agitates me. Firsts tend to stammer.

There’s the urge to ask but at the back of your mind, you think it might just be too fast. But that’s what circumstance tells me. And I might just regret it once I skipped it.

Or, is it because I’m going to do it for the first time and it’s where confusion starts.

And I ask the same question: love and free will. Better, love and courage.

The desire to reach the goal is like an opportunity. It knocks once. Like a grasshopper to an eager kid, it might just hop away.

But one thing is for sure, I could one of the sweetest men you’ve ever had. It’s also within my nature to make everything as perfect as possible –  I look for the perfect time, the perfect place, and the perfect moments. I make it unforgettable.


I know you’re also getting there and I wish to read a story like this in your perspective.

I hear the questions like signs telling the roads and paths we’re probably taking. We’re there and I must not be the rock, or a group of chickens, to stop the vehicle and wait.

But there’s always a better reward for those who wait.

But sometimes you would never know if you have had waited already or on the process of waiting, that you thirst for rewards because you know you deserve it.

A music plays on the background. Just the way you are.



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