Myriad of colors

“To paint my canvas with a thousand strokes and brushes.” The words that describe the totality of my 2011 resolution.

Today I take a step.  I found myself midst a myriad of colors. My brush has coated itself with the colors and began to paint my canvas. To finish it with a beautiful image completes my year. But I am still working on the background with light, smooth strokes.

It’s the start of another election season in the college – another showcase of hidden talents, skills you wouldn’t expect from a friend of yours, and prowess that smashes walls and ‘burns bridges’. The general and specific plans of action of each party are impressive that there’s so much to look forward to in the future. However, how much of these have been fulfilled? (This is the second time I have witnessed such a competition in the university, and I have kept so many questions in my mind this election season).

Before judging, I have to still look through last year’s results and compare them to another set of promises which students of the college look forward to.

The bottom and certain line: It’s politics, and it will always be.

Our Political Science 14 professor defined the term as : the struggle of competing actors to determine… rules.

Compared to the previous year, it has become more controversial and tight. First, the words are much appealing yet sensational. They appeal to the audiences but to shallow in nature. It should not meant that the college is media-oriented that the ways of persuasion will delve on how mass media do it. It’s a trickery of some sort.

Second, some of the candidates are those you know personally, and worse, your friends. Unlike the previous year, I am completely aware of the surroundings, without a blindfold that obstructs every inch of thought and doubt.

Two candidates for the Journalism department are my friends. Talking about them and muttering unpleasant phrases behind them are too negative, awkward, and inappropriate. Yet, it becomes the resort, inevitable enough that it would always inject itself in conversations this season. You betray a friend when politics calls for such circumstance. You just have to wait as patiently before it subsides. And of course you have to consider your personal interests. Just as Communication theories have been telling us, the idealism in every media practitioner fades and does not last. We all began with ambitious idealism but the road paves its way to realism – no matter how bitter it is. I just hope they go to what I expect them to be.

Then come the colors. Some ran because they were asked by a party to. They believe in their potentials, no matter how superficial they still may be for some. As the saying goes, it takes time to no one. Some just have pure charisma. As a consolation, I must say expectations are built and learned in time. The success of the candidate often depends on which party he/she belongs, how strong the influence of the party is, and how students receive the party.

Each party holds a unique image, they have to, and candidates are influenced. But here comes those who run independently. We have seen the results based from national politics. Running independently veers you away from any particular ideology and makes you think and build your image with what you prefer, thus, freedom and independence. But usually this takes a lot of sacrifice, every struggle for independence does.

Today, I saw people running independently. Independent candidates who depend on a small group of what they consider as real friends. I saw them huddled in one corner – discussing, campaigning, smiling. They may have a color but you do not possess a color. Maybe even an image they think they are building may not be the image the studentry wants. They run alone, to call it short. Without a party encouraging them to run with them gives one doubt.

Though I admire their courage and sacrifice.


I have to end my post here. My sister is nudging me to leave the laptop because of an important thing she’ll do.


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