The many kinds of Twitter friends

No matter how recycled moments are, there are things  enjoyable in riding the public transports –  the people, and the places. It is relatively and sometimes nice to stand inside the MRT train from Ayala Avenue Station to North Avenue Station. While seated (provided you are alone), you are forced to look outside and see only the places. There are more to explore when you stand. It’ s sad to see places alone, the people would complete the journey. It’s  a waste to see only laps of people – it’s better to see the lights.

There are places I used to ponder over between stations. The rather deep excavation whose rocky sides are covered by think vines (I am not quite sure if it is still there). This billboard which says “Talk to me. -God”. Our Lady of EDSA. The other distracting billboards. It is a journey like no other.

Of course, the strangeness of people. The last interesting story I heard on this was about a girl who coughed blood inside the MRT.

Another curiosity. There are just some conversations in jeepneys I couldn’t take. One girl talked to somebody on the phone for about fifteen minutes only to say she did not know him before the call ended. Two strange people asleep with heads banging toward each shoulders. A conversation in a jeepney between friends while an elderly impolitely butted in.


I used to close my eyes on a jeepney ride or observe my surroundings. Or daydream. This morning, I dreamt of writing this blogpost on the many kinds of Tweets and Twitter friends. Some tweets just irritate me, some tweets  simply make me smile – or smirk. Some tweets just stop me from tweeting any further.

As one quote I read a few days ago, “Silence is the loudest scream.”

First, I follow someone like Lord Voldemort who is just so witty with every word he says. I would leave and forget The Joker as he is a complete anti-thesis, the non-conformist in a good and likeable way.

One of his recent tweets: “Yes, I changed my picture. I create mayhem & chaos daily but when my picture changes everyone gets alllll upset. Get over it.”

In all friends, he looks better in his new picture – just more insane.

Second, the less witty people but still sensible like tonyocruz, djmotwister (a lover of The Joker as well),  and gangbadoy. This man has nicknamed himself Rock Ed. If you want to know more about him, it’s here:

Here’s a recent post by him:

Sometimes you get a phone call and it changes the course of your life for the next five years. Hawleycrup, I got one today. EXCITING.

Third, ang mga taong pa-witty. Like the girl I followed last night, Kiray.

When she starts opening her Twitter account, she’ll flood your homepage, honestly. She’s 14.

Lahat ng problema, may solusyon. kapag walang solusyon, huwag mo nang problemahin! HAHAHA. 😛

Some people only see the wall you have built to protect your heart. Others find the backdoor. ♥

She said those.

Fourth, the people who made their Twitter friends updated of their nearly private lives. People who tweet ‘Good night” every night. People who tweet just to literally say they’re stressed. People who tweet their laughter. Is it time for Twitter to get a sound app? Why not.

Fifth, iamtimyap. I have to say he’s completely different. Oh, as of this time, he’s changed

Honestly, I have a piece of every kind.


I love this day. 03.01.11. The day I got more inspired to be a lifestyle/travel/magazine writer. Thanks to our Journalism 102 class and my creative juices were pouring hard out again. We were asked to describe a place we dream to be. Some drew in their mind a landscape, a sight on the grassy riverbank, and a cradle between two trees. Oh, I miss CW 10. My poem then was about the love story between my grandpa and my grandma.

My place was atop a rooftop of a tall building. Dusk. Almost sunset. I could be seated on the concrete floor watching city lights gradually turn on like blinking Christmas lights. Or I could be found lying, watching the sky with orange spots of clouds. No sunlight can blind me.




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