My professor has found real love

It’s one in the morning, taking a break from reading a novel called Junia for my second to the last requirement this semester. I’m supposed to think of a reason why I moved to look for Mr. Michael Joseph Lusitro, my Psych 101 professor online – simply, a reason why I tried to stalk him in the first place.

By the way, stalk ought not connote negatively. When you look for someone and attempt at ‘following’ him only, it would account for it. Journalists always do that.

And yes, my Twitter profile page would say I am a lover of randomness.

I browsed through his Facebook profile seeing his nerdy-looking face when still a student in the University, the backstage of Hagikhikan with other CSSP professors, I am uncertain, and thinner and younger pictures of him. And I was surprised to see his profile picture with his wife taken after the wedding perhaps. He is married.

I was able to read him while viewing his Facebook profile, and so I began thinking whether his stories and examples in the class are actually taken from his personal experiences. I began to wonder if he sees himself from my equally nerd-looking classmate who would take time to write down almost everything the professor says.

One thing I have proven. He is consistent of his Christian faith. From the beginning of our class, we were able to watch this film called Fireproof, a story of a couple who struggled to save their marriage by understanding each other’s differences, studying them, and changing the way they perceive each other. It had a touch of Christianity. By the end of the film, the husband was delightful he has proven to God he deserved to be the head of the family still. He had to be for they had no children in the film.

The class ended with a novel for a final oral exam. Junia, the novel’s title and the name of the main character, tackled the Roman’s view on Christianity and how a Senator’s daughter (Junia) herself resisted from pressures coming from her family and had herself be converted into being a Christian.

Our professor’s photos would clearly show his devotion to God. Coming from a rather Christian school, Ateneo de Manila High School, his path would speak for his goals. The wife was looking so calm, serene, and contended.

Love is a never-ending journey in itself.

“…But perhaps there is another kind of love that one has in mind, one is in search of. It is the kind of love that people seek and desire, which some are unable to attain, because of misconceptions about the nature of love, and so they give up.”

Another surprise, though it shocked me less was Youngblood article written by my professor four years ago, when he was 24 years old. It spoke of three types and levels of love which we likewise studied in class – passion, intimacy, and commitment – listed in manner of reality, sincerity, and concreteness. As an example, he mentioned a friend who seemed to have grew tired on loving this ‘someone’ who has been with him for several years already. Prof. Luistro said this could have been the line between intimacy and commitment.

The quote above were his nice words in the text.

I could not speak any more on this – not for I lack experience, but I might be too idealistic in viewing love.

But one thing I have proved myself, that Journalism, my beloved field of study would make a good tandem with Psychology. It has always been that way. Sometimes I could read other people’s thoughts, though not as exact and accurate. I would know when to stop if I see I could hurt someone. It’s a skill. And because in Journalism, it’s always an advantage to “see the story forward.”

The column was entitled Real Love, and surely, our professor has found his.

As for me, it would be better to wait for that to come, but never forgetting one of my ultimate goals this year. My friends know what it is.

Now I am back to the readings, looking at it deeper. For I believe, there was much more learnings in Mr. Luistro’s Psych 101 that we tend to skip, it only requires realization, pondering, and looking back.

Good night! ^ __ ^

P.S. I’m thinking of attaching one of the photos here but it’ll be cruel to do so. I just hope I would be able to get pictures taken tomorrow with him, as our last meeting.



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