From a planner to being a leader

I am looking forward to a day this summer where I’ll be on my summer polo, lying smoothly on a monoblock or a rattan-made beach cot. I’ll be wearing a pair of nice sunglasses and frankly, sun bathing. I deserve it as before my summer vacation officially started, I got my best semester.

Full of record-breaking deeds.

First off, this is the year I rewarded myself a nice hard-bound Navi planner, the fancier one. In high school, we were trained to gear ourselves with a planner, or rather I shall say an executive organizer. The contents of the planner then were reminders on which subjects to study, which tasks to take note of, and homeworks. In other words, there was a little room for F-U-N. Honestly.

Now, let me reveal one note in the Navi planner (I blogged about my Navi planner few months ago, try browsing the older posts).

To paint my canvas with a thousand brushes and strokes.

Profound, eh? This is word to collectively describe my tens of hundreds of my New Year’s resolutions, most of which unimaginable and unexplainable. I am happy I have been fulfilling them one by one, gradually.

There’s a page in the planner where 100 and one goals are listed. The owner is tasked to cross out the ones which he/she has already done or currently been doing. As of posting time (for I have ignored this page for so long), I have crossed out four (LOL) out of a hundred. And as of posting time, I will be crossing out more.

Well, it’s like counting blessings.

I have crossed out 17, making it 21 goals on track this year. Few of them are:

– read a book in one sitting

– become a good listener

– meet someone famous

– dress for yourself

– tell the truth without being guilty about it

I have already conditioned myself the 100 and one  goals wouldn’t be fulfilled entirely.

Among them, still reserved for coming to reality several years from now, are to start a band, which I think is too impossible; to live abroad for a year; to ride a transcontinental train; to ride a gondola in Venice; and to marry.


Second, I was able to change myself in more ways than it meets the eye. If one goals, not the literal one, was to be heard, I’ve been doing it. And I constantly tell my mom I wanna be someone who is heard by many people. I wanna be someone who can touch and influence other people’s lives.

Third, I was able to talk to famous people. Thanks to my broadcast journalism subject. Famous people, and infamous in many ways, such as Joseph Estrada in an ambush interview, Luis Teodoro, Carlos Celdran, and Tomas Lozada, the trainer of some members of the Azkals like Aly Borromeo when they were kids.

Fourth, I met my co-journalists and saw a glimpse in the life of a broadcast journalist. I have realized Lynda Jumilla is such a blabbermouth, Tina Panganiban-Perez, in my opinion, is of high pride, Ryan Chua a jester, and Maki Pulido a smoker.

And I have felt the competition in many ways. I have seen reporters running late in a press conference and struggling to find a decent story.

I have met Jessica Soho in her elegant sky blue blouse and pants, and smiled at her. That’s one goal, the planner tells me to smile at people I don’t personally know.

Fifth, it’s the first time I bought 20 pieces of CDs in a single stop. I felt that odd-looking face of the vendor.

Sixth, it’s the first time it came to me if I am being insane. But as one Alice film said, all wise men are.

Seventh, it’s the first time I was put in bad terms with my aunt because on the day of her birthday, I took her son as my cameraman because not one of my classmates or friends in school could do it for me. She even ranted and asked my mom why the hell I took this course. She shall see, I shall show her my newscast. Her son is in the credits.

Well, in the real wold, it always happens.

Eighth, I got what I want since the day I joined the organization – to be someone who would lead, and inspire. Now, I am Academic Committee Head of the UP Journalism Club.

Ninth, I am proud I am part of the college’s official publication, Tinig ng Plaridel and even has owned a column in its last issue this semester.

Tenth, I could defend myself more freely now in several ways possible – from family members, from friends, and from colleagues. I could move forward my cause as what everybody else has.

Eleventh, I swam through a sea of people in yellow, almost exchanging faces and masks, blending of sweats and salivas – this is apparently a first.

Lastly, I have formulated a complete summer plan I could enjoy. I gave up summer classes because that means lesser time for fun and bonding with the family. That means no time for attending driving school, no time for expanding my contacts, no time for going in a 4-day trip to Singapore, and no time to gear myself up in the next academic year full of surprises once again.

But second semester A.Y. 2010-2011 is the best so far.

Yet still so many questions. I shall keep them to myself until I find answers, but would absolutely have the courage to ask, though.

And I hope as early as now, I could already smell what’s cooking for me. Sometimes, surprises aren’t all that surprising.


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