Last day of vacation

Let me tell you a cute anecdote set in National Bookstore.

For visual purposes, I am going to post this little picture to replace what actually is a book entitled ‘Adik sa Facebook’. It has been the center of our imagination – my sister’s and mine – during when my younger brothers were buying their school supplies in National Bookstore.

It looked so weird that this book which could have been popular to people are hidden in their marginal shelves. I saw it and placed it on an area where many people would see it – on top of the notebook piles.

My sister and I stood on one corner watching and waiting if the book gets read and bought – like a camera used to observe. We saw cute results (cute is the rightest word).

First, a child probably in the age of 10 stared at the book for quite some time and scanned the pages. She got bored and left the book on the same position.

Then, an older boy, a teenager took it, read one page, browsed, scanned, and dropped it. The book was already facing down.

We took the book and placed it somewhere else. Five people did the same thing. The first two persons were siblings as one showed the book to the other. Like passing of news.

The last person among them brought the book to the cashier only to placed it on the ‘I-changed-my-mind-and-I-won’t-buy-it-anymore’ basket. But just imagine how many sentences have he read when he carried the book.

Now, there’s more chance for people two see it. We saw six people scanned it, but simply left it there. We left the place without seeing someone buying it.

But we proved to ourselves:

1. How great the Facebook fad is.

2. What kinds of people take time to lift the book and read it while other novels aren’t even scanned.

3. How people would take advantage of an uncovered book and not buy it in the end.

4. How lame is National Bookstore of not putting that popular book near the bestsellers, if not a bestseller book itself.


This day is a great day for me. I learned a lot – again. From handling a group of freshmen students with fresh faces coming in our college to hearing the words of my dad.

I never expected this to be such a fulfilling and satisfying day.

It’s the greatest day to end my summer vacation as classes officially start tomorrow.


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