At the MRT junction

I stood at the junction inside the MRT, holding my notebook, writing everything I could observe. Here is an account of those I saw, re-doing our Travel Journalism activity that afternoon – to stay in one place, not to talk, and observe.

4:30 p.m.
Quezon Avenue
a man, with little interest, texts his companion
his right hand thumb rested on his forehead
a girl in red checkered blouse wearing a necklace with a half of the yin-yang symbol as pendant
it was generally peaceful, no chit-chats
man in barong with a black jacker on top
he was looking at the girl beside him, also standing, tastefully
a guy with glasses who randomly shifts and turns his head around
Girl in red checkered leaves

the lady whom the guy was looking at, wearing a checkered cap
with “Rotary Force” written on it.
She unbit the handkerchief and stared into space
A pair of ladies started chatting

a guy in black jacket with a yellow stripe running
down his shoulders to the arms
a guy in white Lee Pipe shirt rested his left foot over
the walls. He was in slippers.
Oh, and I saw one guy with a nose in great shape!
Still peaceful
Longing to hear the ladies’ conversation
And the man in blue, I love his fashion sense!
Very well like me. 🙂

Man in checkered with a mole on his forehead moves
toward the junction. His left hand placed in
his pocket, backpag hanging on his front. He
looks at my notes.
There’s a new building being constructed at SM Megamall
Somebody sits beside the man in blue.

Shaw Boulevard
From where I stood, I can see four men on their earphones
that I wanted to make a study what listening to music
in a crowd brings them
A lady in black corporate attire fixes her smooth-flowing black hair
in ponytail
Young man wearing a rosary, scratches his back, wipes
sweat on his back with white towel
Outdated advertisements posted
I was getting hungry. My stomach cried for food.
The lady in black applies gel on her hair
The hair was silky in texture, I saw it
in a clean swipe, brushed back.

Fewer people now.
One young lady was biting her nails
How dirty, she was holding the handrails
Two pairs of ladies now chatting.

I changed my position
Man in checkered whom I guess is gay was
looking tastefully at the man standing in front of him
From afar, I saw this man with a nice cap
Blue and white checkered, like a table cover.

I sat.
Many people left the train
The walkway was clearer.
Two ladies beside each other – one in yellow and the other
in pink stripes had the same hand position. One hand under the chin.
A man with hair dyed yellow
Two ladies started chatting.

The door waited and no one embarked.
Phone rang, man talked to a girl over it for a
few seconds and hung up.
Train descending
Man created a irritating noise from a cardboard, snapping its edges
His shirt said ANARCHY
People started to turn their heads outside, towards Taft Station
Train slowed down. Rain poured.
Train moveda bit faster.
Man in front of me raised his left foot and looked at his shoes
Lady in pink left her seat and walked to the door.

Now, the other way around.
Note: I was able to sneak a bottled water inside.
I was seated.
A man in front of me was wearing a tattoo, the image was
a stout Chinese religious figure, but more like a warrior
The man has worn-out jeans with holes on its back pockets
Man in black was asleep and his head was falling towards me

The voice over the speaker was crumpled.
It hurt my ears.
Door opened.
People stood to see what was happening
Chit chats, gossips
I knew it.
Old man tried to snatch a younger man’s mobile phone through the pocket
while leaving the train but the latter sensed it quick
He tried to struggle by punching the man on the face

Quezon Avenue
Girl wearing this shirt with words: “I’m with a vampire”
with an arrow pointed to her left
The Office of the Ombudsman
I did not like the view of it from the MRT.
It was like a scary mushroom jutting out
between small houses and squatter’s area around it
It was like a woman in long gown amidst a field of beggars.

North Avenue Station
the man beside me, while people have already left, was still asleep.


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