Making sense

Communication entails people to speak up. But here’s what I’ve learned in my public speaking class, “Many people can speak but only few are saying something.”

Journalists are taught to say something, not just talk and blabber with no point and no sense at all. Journalists have to make sense — that means, readers and listeners must listen to them regardless of whether opinions are dissenting or not.

When you don’t make sense, you are not a journalist. Or course I am speaking only on the context of being a journalist.

Here’s how to see if people AREN’T making sense at all:

1. When you say something and people around answer nothing but, “Oh yeah… Right”. They are not listening to you so what the hell are you saying?

2. When you obey the principle of Gretchen Baretto. In one interview, she said it has been her stance to walk away and leave when situations make you sticky or awkward. Because how can you learn when you walk away? It only means you’re fearful of your mistakes — something that puts you away from one ethics mentioned in SPJ.

Learn to feel whatever’s around you. Take it as a challenge. Remain and live with them.

3. When you speak only to please.

4. When you speak only to be heard. Aim at urging others listen to you.

5. When you aim for fame. Journalists generally don’t aim fame. They have had it once. It’s now all about social responsibility. Stars aim for fame. And stars very seldom make sense except if it’s about their lives.

6. I remember Jessica Soho when he interviewed UP student John Gabriel Pelias. Pelias is rather analytical, Soho more of an artist. One of her questions to him was that whether he knows how to relate to other people despite being with his studies all along.

Journalists, who are artists as well, know very well how to relate to other people. You don’t speak for yourself, you speak for them. When you don’t have these skills, clearly you are less of a journalist.

7. I remember Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakhi who said in one web interview during the Miss Universe pageant that women may have good looks. This is a plus point. But you cannot say how great she is until you hear her speak.

It’s a question of being deep and being shallow.

Good night!


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