Last Friday Night

If you think I’ll be posting partying and all that happy stuff that commonly happens during Friday night like Katy Perry’s song said (well especially with the fact that the nerdy “she” wrongly slept with an athletic guy), I won’t.

I don’t usually write blogs randomly nor post the best pictures I have taken with my DSLR camera here. I rather keep it to myself. I don’t usually post a new entry except when I see something great in it, or something exceptional with my daily experiences.

Yesterday, I saw one. It’s from a video from our Comm 120 class entitled “George Carlin: You’re All Diseased” featuring a monologue, yes an hour monologue by George Carlin.

It came more than a month after I experienced the so-called Landmark Forum at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati. The forum has let us conquer of fears, live with the present, and forget about the past. It’s rather a combination of different “ideologies” than academic principles. I mingled with Harvard-graduate lawyers, successful businesspersons such as Nena Tantoco, the owner of Rustan’s, and politicials such as Mel Mathay and his son. (They just refused to give out their phone numbers which was a frustration. Oh, sources.)

The “ideologies” were, as I saw it, Zen Buddhism, sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis, and philosophy with a bit of religion though every ideology that we may encounter may be considered a religion.

It actually satisfied me after looking for answers and being a bit miserable (because life is miserable) days before the forum. I actually had the idea the forum is going to touch on every individual’s lives and try to transform them so I hung onto that belief.

I entered the forum bearing with me the questions I hope to be answered and gladly, they were answered! Those questions were about living life to the fullest.

The days after the forum we went in a field trip to Tarlac with our professor and I hope she reads this who is also a believer of sorts of the same idea taught by the forum. I don’t even know if it was destiny that I met her first time this semester then the Landmark Forum came, then George Carlin, then the book I am going to share later on.

Details of the forum are here:

Now, the video. Simply put, he spoke of things untouched by some of the great people I’ve heard. Thus, making you think, realize, and say “Oo nga ano. He’s got a point.” It’s difficult to explain it by words because I am not even sure if they will be covered by the acceptable beliefs of the society. All I could say is that he attacked America’s way of treating their “enemies”, our immune system, the usual way of overprotective parents raising their children, nature of humans, and the existence of God.

I was honestly brought into the middle of doubt and faithfulness. I honestly would say it made me produce second thoughts. Yet, not one man can ruin my existing faith. Let’s see and wait.

I know you’ve been waiting for the links so here are the videos:


While I was traveling home, it made me realize that the happiness and peace that have occurred to me on our way home from Tarlac (see related post below) can always come back  and I thought for so long it is temporary but it is not.

It made me realize I have to open myself to new possibilities, to new beliefs, and to new ideas if I would want to pursue seeking for knowledge.

I bought a book by Eckhart Tolle entitled “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” and I would recommend this book though I’ve just started reading the book. Oprah Winfrey says it can transform your thinking.

The summary goes like this:

“To make the journey into The Power of Now, we will need to leave your analytic mind and its false created self, the ego behind.”

It sounded so controversial and so” radical”. Yes, it’s the radical thought now but I have to find out. There are still a couple more pages to read.



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