What the Lourd says on the impeachment

Listening to the Lourd: An interview with journalist Lourd Ernest de Veyra

Expect to find the dirtiest words in his articles. He is the type of man who can bear publishing the crunchiest of curses.

Ask him and you’re going to get juicy insights. From issues on politics, Kris Aquino, to the most gruesome, and blasphemous statements, to the trivial such as the signs of a real man, four-time Palanca award-winning writer and weatherman Lourd Ernest de Veyra has got it covered.

In his blog “This Is A Crazy Planets” published in spot.ph, he has written almost every issue you can think of except for one thing: the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

On January 16, balls are set to roll for the grilling of the Chief Justice but only days before the beginning of the trial, controversies erupt on the exposition of evidences done by the prosecution panel, which some say is inappropriate and a form of “trial by publicity.”

As odd as he may be, De Veyra’s opinion on the impeachment process veers away from the legal matters but focuses on how it will appear on television where senator-judges, lawyers, and the Chief Justice himself become stars and journalists turn into paparazzis as audiences feast on the controversy.

“Like the impeachment of former President Joseph Estrada, the trial will and will always be a circus,” de Veyra said. “It is a war of atrociousness. This is the bottomline and this will be a bruising and embarrassing process for everyone.”

He said it is a huge factor that it will be aired on television, and senators will practically “perform” because they are conscious of the presence of cameras.

“They may use all legal terms they want but when it comes to recall, those who are used to being in front of the television are the ones who are going to be remembered,” he said.

Being media-savvy now becomes the key to winning the trust and the whim of the viewers. He recalled the impeachment against former President Joseph Estrada back in 2001 not in terms of its legal and technical matters but in terms of the most unimportant happenings.

In his generation, he said, what they remembered were the “iced tea, the native accent of lawyer Sergio Apostol, and the hair of defense panel leader Estelito Mendoza.” It is expected that viewers will change channels when legal arguments take place, he added.

“Ask randomly about the impeachment, or even about the Chief Justice, and they won’t give a thing,” said de Veyra, “It’s an alien issue to them kasi nga malayo sa sikmura.”

Asked if he would and would not impeach the Chief Justice, he said he still have to weigh the evidences if he were one of the senator-judges. But his personal opinion speaks that he will, with no doubt, impeach the Chief Justice.

Prior to the impeachment, a war was waged between the Executive body and the Supreme Court since the issuing of the temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Department of Justice-Commission on Elections investigative panel for former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Aquino even lambasted the Chief Justice in front of him in a speech during one justice summit. De Veyra said this is not a crisis at all but democracy at work.

“We are a relatively young democracy and we are only passing through a dark period in our history,” he said, “Let us see this only as a trial for our nation.”

Looking at de Veyra, he is no-senator-judge nor a lawyer. He walks with a brown coat on top of a shirt and soon-to-wear-out slacks plus, the beret on his head and his spectacles. In one of his books, he humbly regarded himself as a speck of dust in the vast universe of politicians.

He is a simple person with his low, monotonous tone as if his statements are taken for granted.

And he hardly knows how substantial his opinions are. That is Lourd de Veryra.


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