The Coca-Cola domination

The logo. The taglines. The ads. Cola-cola is all set for world domination.

When I attended the National Communication Research Conference last two weeks, I found one interesting study, i.e. on looking at the different versions of Cola-cola advertisements around the world.

From each set of advertisements, one can notice how they resemble each other with one message and one flow of frames, except for the language (of course) and the characters. But when one commercial has a truck, expect the other to have one as well. When one ad has Santa Claus, the other also has the same person portraying Santa Claus, only some characters are changed.

Notice this set of commercials themed as “Live Positively” which the company has described as “our commitment to making a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live so that sustainability is part of everything we do.”

First off, from the Philippines:

And, from Canada:

From Vietnam:

Finally, from Indonesia:

Notice how Coca-cola aims to reach out to different nationalities around the world through commercials which fall under one theme: Live Positively.

Here are another set of videos which speak more about Coca-cola’s road to globalization by creating a global language, a common language understood by every nation: Brrrrr!

From South Africa:

From the Philippines:

Another one from India:

From Pakistan:

Notice the following Christmas ads from Coca-cola. And spot the difference.

For the first video, please follow this link:

Most of us remember this commercial because of its artistic quality. Coke for everyone. This video has also reached many nations in different languages.

Here’s the first video:

From Malaysia:

From France:

From Spain:

Does Coca-cola deserve the spot for world domination? You decide.



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