What happens when a non-sports fan suddenly becomes one?

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe B-MEG won against the team I support, Talk N’ Text. And I can’t believe I’m writing a post on sports. It’s my first time to write a post on sports, and guess what, on basketball – the game I failed to learn during our PE classes in high school, the game I don’t choose over badminton or Scrabble.

Just what happens when a non-sports fan suddenly becomes one? Here are the breakthroughs:

1. There’s nothing more fun than being forced to go home early only to watch the Finals game. Our family took our dinner in a restaurant along Visayas Avenue. My mom was just so anxious that she took the effort to command one of the waiters to change the channel from ABS-CBN to AKTV, only to watch the game. And, me urging my dad to get the bill right away so we can go home early and catch the final moments of the game.

2. The effort I took in cheering for Talk N’ Text, shouting and covering my face everytime B-MEG attempts a shot is unimaginable. Thanks to my younger brother who answers my questions on technical terms in the game, and my questions about the Commissioner’s Cup.

3. And, I never knew until I saw that “Game 1” label above the scoreboard chargen that there are going to be seven matches. I was cheering at the top of my voice only to know that there are actually seven! Oh well, that gives Talk N’ Text chance/

4. Seriously, why don’t they hold the seven matches straight every day? It will surely keep fans from sleepless nights and prolonged agony while waiting for two days for the next match. 

The moment the siren rang that signaled the end of the game, the feeling was so sad for such a non-sports fan like me. It was even more than seeing your bet lose in a national or in the Miss Universe pageant, or a talent show. Being a sports fan is altogether different. 



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