Poems on finding true love

Here’s a poem I wrote after a French film (The Artist) successfully inspired me last June.

The Artist

Finding true love is
like watching a number
of films.
Each film lures one
until the very end,
tickling the imagination,
captivating feelings,
and adoring senses.

Like love, movies may
be everywhere but as soon
as a film ends, it comes
switftly, that feeling
that you’re just hit
the right note, seen
a great film.


Meanwhile, here’s another poem I wrote on my phone’s notepad while on my bed one Thursday night, only hearing music coming from my brother’s Android.

The Perfect Moment

One Thursday night
while hearing the cackle
of confused chickens outside
the window, seeing my mom
and siblings already in
deep sleep, I found myself
lying beside the music.
Only she and I are awake.
Music playing. Forget You.
The beat of drums, the
saxophone wooing me like
fingers caressing my arms.
They tickle my ears. Another
song played. I closed my
eyes as I wait for the perfect
rhythm, the perfect moment.
Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my blog about why The Dark Knight Rises is a propaganda film. Watch out for it! 🙂


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