About Me

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Perhaps one of the best ways to know one is through the most bizarre. Welcome to my life.

1. I suffer from hematophobia. Blood impales me, it weakens my senses. I would see darkness.

2. I am slightly color-blind.

3. I was born at four pounds (which I think is under the normal weight) but was fat during childhood (I can show some photos)

4. I was a painter before. I only became my writer, with all expressions and emotions shifting to this craft, when I unexpectedly got a medal for being the Writer of the Year during gradeschool. That’s the urge, the motivation.

5. I am defective at pronouncing the ‘R’ sound.

6. Physics was my favorite subject in high school.

7. The first and only major offense I have done during elementary was being mistaken as the one who pushed my female classmate, bruising her. I was gravely affected by it.

8. Here are my ambitions before journalism: (1) painter; (2) scientist; (3) detective; (4) fiction writer; (5) wizard!; (7) flight attendant; and (8) chef

Journalism could take me to each of those in bits and pieces, I’m sure. *winks*

9. It has been taught to me that reading in a moving vehicle, and under a dim light strains vision. I do both but I still possess a 20/20 vision. Yay for me!

10. I hate yogurts, and lactobacilla (spell check…) drinks, for no big reason at all

11.   I used to collect toys taken from fastfood chains. My favorite collection then was the Snoopy Around the World figurines.

Interests aside from writing: Theatre, dance, European history (Renaissance to 1800s), American history (1800s up), vintage, indie music, jazz, bossa nova


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