The real thespian tale: Theatre and more theatre

I do not have any idea why I’m in love with theatre (Okay, WordPress corrected me on its spelling but I will stand by what our professor said, that theatre is spelled this way, academically and since the early times, and not “theater”). I’ve been doing it since high school – writing original plays, directing my classmates, and acting in some plays. It personally releases my inner art, and gets me out of my cage and out of my box.

Then after the monotonous trend of writing papers, writing news and other journalistic stories, rummaging through the dusty old books in the library, and listening to lectures, I finally got a break where I got to do one of the things I love, through taking Theatre 100 with Professor Michelle Washington.

My whole Theare 100 experience can be summed up to these lines by my classmate (and buddy!) Eddie during her debut:

“I am not real, you are not real. Life is theatre. And what we do are just rehearsals. This is just a rehearsal.”

Theatre 100 was just for only one semester but what happened to us on the duration of the class seemed almost a year. I became Batman and Robin’s Poison Ivy in full dress and in character, I became a lonely kangaroo about to give birth, I sang Money, Money from the Cabaret, I was an Indian for a moment, and finally became a comedian. In the last day of our class, I even won Best Actor (which I never expected, all I did during our final performance was to do my best) and got a precious diamond from my professor. It was a roller-coaster ride.

Theatre 100 made me realize that I should somehow open myself to taking a part-time career in theatre. The class has introduced me to people of different talents and characters from a shaman who hardly knew how to speak in English, a pathetic prisoner, an eagle, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

My professor told us the purpose of theatre, one of the things I would never forget. Theatre, she said, is not meant to entertain, it is not meant to teach people lessons though the fulfillment of those would certainly delight theatre actors. Theatre is meant to get the art out of the actor. It truly happened to me during our final performance. This is a class that almost drained my creative juices, amazing. And, the performance made me think I could be a good comedian.

“Theatre is life, and life is theatre.” Theatre 100 was indescribable. I wish for more time with my professor and classmates sharing the experience among each of us. I love you all!!!

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2 thoughts on “The real thespian tale: Theatre and more theatre

  1. teacher mo si Prof. Washington sa theater 100? I really enjoyed her class. Indeed, life is theatre. we are merely actors as Shakespeare said. Life is theatre because it’s also an organized chaos

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, she’s indeed a great professor. One of the few professors I gave a “best professor” mark in the SET. I learned a lot from her class not just about theatre but also about life. 🙂

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