Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Day 1

Yesterday’s shows on the first day of the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 edition were utterly superb and fantastic. Truly, Filipino designers and models are gradually becoming world-class. The Supermodel Philippines has since produced internationally-acclaimed models such as Danica Magpantay who won the Ford Supermodel of the World competition last 2011. Likewise, the L’Oreal fashion show did not only prove how great Filipino designers are here and abroad but lifted up my Filipino spirit and nationalism.

As Joey Espino of the Runway Productions said, the audience are getting crazier each year with more and more people coming to see what Philippine fashion is. He said he is glad the Filipinos are becoming more educated on fashion and he is hoping for more people to come and join the celebration of fashion.

He called for a Philippines that is more globally aware and to be part of the global community.

I remember the Hunger Games film when I attended my second fashion week with people dressed extravagantly, applauding and clapping at runway models wearing these kinds of dresses:

Designer: Ezra Santos

In the Supermodel Philippines 2012 competition, May Ann Naguit won the female category, and Gerard Go was declared as the first male winner of the Supermodel Philippines.

May Ann Naguit
Gerard Go

Here are the other contestants of Supermodel Philippines 2012:


The next show was the L’ Oreal Paris fashion show featuring the designs of renowned designers Albert Andrada and Ezra Santos.

Albert Andrada is a Dubai-based designer who went to the Middle East in 1986 to seek out his passion. A Middle Eastern royal family took notice of his designs and since then has been the family’s head designer for nine years. No wonder his designs are inspired by Middle Eastern style.

His designs are mostly nude top dresses with white laces with the woman wearing it beaming with the design, wavy patterns at the back, and long couture gowns.

Here are some of his designs at the PFW Spring/Summer 2013:

Here’s Albert Andrada’s centerpiece:

Another Dubai-based designer showed his designs next. This time it’s Ezra Santos. His designs made me remember the unique fashion style in the Hunger Games movie – classy, colorful, post-modern. Santos is considered one of the most influential figures in the Middle East’s fashion industry and is credited with helping put the UAE on the international fashion market.

His designs are characterized by Capiz shell-like patterns, fish scale-like motifs, shoulder blades, French period-inspired suits for men, and feathers.


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