Luxewear Collection at the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion week and more fashion week. Crowds are crazier and more fashionable than ever, more fashion-educated at least. These are the words of Runway Productions founder Joey Espino everytime he struts down the runway, and stops at the middle to address the audience in a rather comic fashion.

It was a wild transition, from the elegance of the designs of Ezra Santos and Albert Andrada, my second day at the Philippine Fashion Week October 2012 was marked with luxurious wears in the simplest way possible.

Fourteen renowned designers in the Philippine scene showcased their Luxewear collections via their own interpretation of what is luxurious. Some put it minimally and others had it as loud as they could appear.

(Some of the photos don’t have the watermark of my name on the but that does not mean you are already free to use them without my consent. So if you wish to use them somewhere, please have the ethics to at least attach my name or the URL of this blog to the photos. Please? Thank you, dear reader!)

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1. Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez has been gracing the fashion week runway for years now, just  proofs of his seniority and expertise when it comes to Philippine fashion. His Luxewear collection evolved like a butterfly, opening with monochromatic-colored cocktail dresses to laced and textured long gowns.

2. Chris Diaz

His collection was an entirely different one, from the bright pink and blue colors of Ramirez’s to dark colors of shades of gray and black. When I saw the collection, I remember the James Bond series with the presence of black stripes, dark shades, and striped stockings (which I think were very creatively-done). However, there were hints of reds and pinks as well.

3. Harley Ruedas

Viewing Ruedas’ designs make you remember the moments you spend one night on the beach from sunset until the wee hours of the night, only hearing the waters hitting the shore and the rafting of the sands. His designs in this collection, mostly gowns, were united by the strands of hair-like fabric hanging from the models’ bodies. The brightness of red contrasted by the darkness of black. The model walked down the runway with the strands flowing and swaying neatly and beautifully.

4. John Paras

He may be the dream designer of brides and brides-to-be. What he showcased during the Luxewear collection were utterly stunning. The show started with white dresses and ended with white flowing gowns with skirts laden with feather-like patterns that made it even more angelic. The centerpiece was a golden gown with a top ornamented with gold crystals and jewels and a beige translucent skirt.

5. Joyce Pilarsky

I love Tim Burton and I love Lady Gaga. And because I love them, I have began to love Pilarsky. Her designs were reminiscent of the scenes at the tea party with the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland,” with her cocktail dresses laden with circular swirls at the end of the balloon skirts, and swirls at the top part of the Filipiniana-inspired cocktail. Not to mention the gloves that tied the knots.

Her gowns were done with plain colors, one looked like a life-size brazo de mercedes tied with a sky blue ribbon and another looked like a mermaid in a gown. Simply amazing.

6. Julius Tarog

Designers don’t get tired of mesmerizing their audience with a totally white apparel. When the first design of Tarog entered the runway, it reminded me of a female Michael Jackson with the pants, the long-sleeved top, and the silver neck accessory. The rest of the designs almost had the same pattern except for the last two designs which were fierce in black.

7. Martin Bautista

This newcomer has been making big waves since he started in the fashion industry. According to, people may have called him meek and soft-spoken but he is the designer of many high-profile celebrities such as Kris Aquino, Bianca Gonzales, Anne Curtis, Divine Lee, and Isabelle Daza.

His designs are simple yet elegant, plain and with monochromatic colors but the appeal, wow. One of the designs which struck me during the show was his, a black straight, tight dress, probably velvet lined with red translucent fabric that showed the model’s legs. For me, there was an Indonesian/Malaysian touch in the design.

8. Noel Crisostomo

White, white, and white. The third designer on that show who enticed the audience with the purity of his style.

According to his official website, he made his first pair of pants at age 10, learning from his mother who sewed clothes for her eight children. At 15, he landed his first summer job as fashion illustrator. He later studied Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. Noel shifted back to fashion design when he and his family immigrated to Canada and enrolled at Ryerson University in Toronto.

In November 2007, he went back to Manila for a vacation and saw a potential in the fashion industry. He decided to stay and reestablished his company.

“Sleek, clean, polished, architectural, inventive, practical, ingenious, modern, fresh, elegant, restrained and classic are the words that describe my style,” he said.

9. Popoy Barba

Barba’s designs that night were the loudest, they were screaming colors! His were neon colors of blue, yellow, and red all packed in a single apparel. Some of the designs were ornamented with metal buttons that made it a set of female band/bugle members. Add drums, xylophones, and batons and you have a full band that could play in your village’s next fiesta.

10. Roel Rosal

If Barba was the loudest, Rosal was the first runner-up. Similar to Barba, his were laden with bright colors though they appeared weaker because of the kind of fabric used and the color shades were a bit faded that the designs of Barba. But the atmosphere of a band’s now gone but rainbow colors reminiscent of the LGBT campaign. And, oh, who wouldn’t forget the extremely huge earrings?!

11. Ronaldo Arnaldo

He had participated in the Philippine Fashion Week since 2004 and from his designs in the Luxewear show, it was the most varied collections. Unifying patterns were difficult to distinguish. Here is one of my favorite dresses in the entire show:

12. Simon Ariel Vasquez

Vasquez made use of unconventional techniques, the first time I saw such in the show, perfect for both male and female fashionista. Reminded me of the Spanish vintas. Very minimalist.

13. Tina Daniac

That night, her designs shined and sparkled, literally, using fabrics that attracted the reflections of lights and played with them enticing the audience. Her designs were the ultimate party dresses.

14. Veejay Floresca

He is more of a beauty pageant addict who screamed so hard when Venus Raj landed in the Miss Universe 2010 Top 15, but a fashion aficionado who knows no limits and boundaries. He is known for his bridal gown designs but during the show, it was all about cocktails but with hints of his styles in designing the gowns.


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