Penshoppe goes preppy!

This time, forget even just for a little time Mario Maurer, Ian Somerhalder, Leighton Meester, and One Direction.

In the recent edition of the Philippine Fashion Week featuring Spring/Summer collections for 2013, one of biggest clothing brand in the country, Penshoppe, went preppy.

I myself dress in a preppy fashion. According to Urban Dictionary, a “true preppy is someone polo, lilly, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, LL Bean (i.e. duck boots), ribbon belts, prints (i.e. cords with embroidered whales, palm trees, etc), sweaters tied around the neck, collar always popped, looks neat and put together. Hair ribbons or ribbon headbands, pearls, and other classic jewelry pull the look together.”

They are also said to be confident and unafraid to express their own styles and be daring in their fashion.

I am a full-blooded preppy. Penshoppe has been my retreat whenever I am hungry for more fashion, buying cardigans, shirts, and denim pants.

Penshoppe in the recently concluded fashion week featured stripes, casual coats, colored pants, hats, and summer look for men. For women, it’s a mixture of sexiness and formality – tops with pattern prints, dangling accessories, shorts, and bikini tops.

Among the collection, this is my favorite. It may be like a police caution sign we see around the metro but I simply love the courage of the dress to combine two contrasting colors. Plus, yellow means happiness.

These come as runners-up:

Here’s the rest of the collection. Be preppy! And, don’t forget to credit this blog if you wish to use the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Penshoppe logo images are from Wikipedia and Penshoppe’s Tumblr account.


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