My Miss Universe 2012 Top 16

One of the hurdles for the Miss Universe 2012 candidates is finally over, but still, the pressure is on. Last December 14 (December 13 in the United States), 89 drop-dead gorgeous young women showed off their catwalk skills and wowed the judges in a two-hour preliminary competition. The event also hard-pressed the judges as they were asked to only select 15 girls who would wow the crowd once more in the finals night on December 20 (December 19 in the United States). The selection was a tough decision to do.

As a fan of the Miss Universe pageant and while I watched the live streaming of the preliminary competition, I personally scored the girls based  on their charms, beauty, and catwalk. Then viewed the glam shots in the Miss Universe official website to add to the criteria of judging. They should have called me to judge the show!

Well, we all know that judging world pageants such as the Miss Universe involves not just the eyes and personal favorites of the judges. Remember, the final decision would still lie upon the members of the Miss Universe organization with Paula Shugart leading them. In the past editions of the competitions, there were rumours that the judging was influenced by sponsorship and deals with particular business outfits in certain countries in exchange for a place in the semi-finals.

My judging (who am I to be a bigwig and get influenced by deals?) was purely objective, looking at the faces and catwalk skills as well as how they carried themselves, except for the contestant from my home country, the Philippines. Please understand me. As I post the results of my personal scoring, many may not agree with the line-up. Some might ask why this girl is on the list when previous editions never named her as one of the semi-finalists. The ideal Miss Universe pageant must remain objective and clean as possible. You would notice that USA and Venezuela, two countries which more often than not clinch a position in the semi-finals, are not on my list.

This list is a breath of fresh air. Here are MY top 16, one being the winner of the online fan vote (so far) as posted by Youtube user jessiealmarez. 

1. Ecuador – Carolina Aguirre


2. Georgia – Tamar Shedania


3. Lebanon – Rina Chibany


4. Netherlands – Nathalie Den Dekker


5. Philippines – Janine Tugonon


6. Poland – Marcelina Zawadzka


7. South Africa – Melinda Bam

south africa

8. Canada – Adwoa Yamoah


9. Chile – Ana Luisa Konig


10. Colombia – Daniella Alvarez


11. El Salvador – Ana Yancy Clavel

el salvador

12. Great Britain – Holly Hale

Great britain

13. Jamaica – Chantal Zaky

jamaica copy

14.Puerto Rico – Bodine Koehler

puerto rico

15. Spain – Andrea Huisgen


16. Indonesia (fan vote winner) – Maria Selena



Some of them might come as a surprise. But let’s see how many of my choices would match the judges’ picks in the 2012 Miss Universe coronation night.


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