Stress and creative juices make a perfect blend

Is it just me, or is there really a correlation between too much stress during midnight and an active mind? Forgive my usage of a very mathematical term, “correlation.” You will know why later on.

So yes, it has been three nights that I literally didn’t get sleep. Either I slept early in the morning, around 6 am and wake up after lunchtime, or never sleep at all, like this day.

But I wonder why my mind is changing whenever I am being nocturnal. I view the world differently and view people differently. Oops, I don’t want to become a vampire or a werewolf. But seriously, I suddenly asked my mom to buy me a Vampire Diaries series DVD, not because of the many good-looking characters and steamy scenes, but because of things I cannot explain.

Whenever I stay awake in the entire midnight ’til early morning, my mind works perfectly, in a creative fashion. I am more witty and yes, more humorous.

These are just some of my social media posts that got me moving these past few – sleepless – nights. Most are crazy-sounding.

“I knew I was right when I thought of dropping by Starbucks earlier and ordering a Grande-sized Mocha Frappuccino. And thanks to the barista for suggesting Grande-sized blended coffee, instead of my usual Tall-sized. Kung sino ka man, thank you. I shall visit the branch more often.

I’m wide awake.

Thanks Starbucks Philippines for keeping college students awake during their hell weeks!”


I have never done any Math academically since Econ 100.1 (a major subject) more than a year ago. I am doing it once again now for Food and Nutrition 1, a subject that is not even a major one.

Bakit ba ako nag-FN 1?! Sa mga may balak mag-FN 1, learn from us. It might be named “Food Trip” but it is deceiving. If you want a subject that does not require you to take down notes because everything is uploaded, take it. If you want a subject that does not have any exam, take it.

But if you want to get a good sleep and not to stay so late because of a GE subject, DON’T TAKE IT.



Second semester
You are killing me softly
It’s end of the world.


“When your once childish high school friends talk about smoking, drinks, and having a sexy body, you know the world is changing.”


“The people left online on Facebook before office hours start are the LAST MEN STANDING. Congratulations! :)”


“After grad, I’m gonna take a break – to gain weight, remove eye bags and freshen up – so I’m ready 2 conquer the world. Take that, thesis!”


Yes, I think it somehow does have a correlation.



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