Weak but strong


This post should have been a poetry. But I guess a poetic message is an overstatement for my feels tonight.

We are going strong. It’s been almost two months and we have been through storms, tides, and sometimes, fine days. The two months of togetherness seemed like a year.

Every time we meet, every time we open our mouths to speak, we talk about a thousand topics, a thousand words, and we draw out a thousand laughter. I have made you cry and you have made me weep as well.

And yet, we are going strong, afraid of goodbyes, as I will always be.

My greatest asset are my words, my charms, and my smile (without the braces). I do not have the physique, nor the bulky muscles that entice women — not even an athletic body.

I’m not into sports though I bike and swim when necessary, that is, during summer getaways with family and friends.

I do not play basketball and therefore, unable to make strategies that work best for a team. But my strategies will always be for the better.

When we dance, I could be satisfied with the both of us swaying on the dance floor, under dim lights, with a slow music on the background. I could do waltz but I am uncertain if I can lift you up as long as you want.

When you are drunk and tipsy, all I could do is to lay your arms on my shoulders as we walk to my car, and offer you cups of coffee. I could not carry you like a groom does to a bride when they are about to leave the church.

But one thing, I could be the strongest person you could ever meet. A person who listens, a person who understands, and a person relates to your sorrows. I could hold your tears as long as you want. And when you want to be happy, I could pull off a smile from you.





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