UPCMC’s best-dressed journalism graduates

What I love about graduating from college is being free from all the burdening stress of four years in college, for some, at least four years. One is free like a butterfly, out from his own cocoon, that is, the acads – the ever-controlling factor. He can fly to wherever destination he wants. But has he really got a direction, a day or two after graduation?

That’s what I hate about graduation from college. You’re unsure, uncertain. Yes, you can be who you want and travel to wherever you want, but in the long-term, where will all these bring you?

But I’m happy I’ve got a blog like this which becomes my escape.

UP graduation is unlike any other. Because graduates are all bright? That’s been overstated. Because of the Sablay? Many schools are already trying to do it, and they’re successful.

UP CMC graduation is unique because of being tied with fashion tastes, for girls particularly. For the guys, it’s always been a challenge on how to look good and stand out with a single choice of attire: a barong Tagalog. Some chose to do the tradition, the original barong Tagalog. Some chose to do the uncommon, wearing a barong with a Chinese collar. Nothing feng shui-ish about it, but the guys on my batch who did were able to pull it off.

For the girls, it’s a tougher challenge. We know that students of UP Maskom generally have a strong taste of fashion. How to wear something striking while staying in the standards of wearing a cocktail dress colored white, beige, or any similar shade.

And some were successful and some clearly failed on the challenge, those who were not able to broaden their mind.

I was not only a graduate that morning at the Cine Adarna, I was also a fashion police.

I would admit my bias, having only observed the people from my course, Journalism. Forgive me.

Coming third on my top list of the best-dressed girls during graduation is Eimor Santos. I am always been a fan of long-sleeved laces, which inspired my sister’s gown during her debut. Lace dresses are choosy upon their masters. They only look good to people with a nice figure.

Photo by Eimor’s dad

Her dress reminded me of a Michael Cinco creation worn by Jennifer Lopez.  I’m not just sure if Eimor also does good dancing matched with good singing. Eimor?

From fashionpulis.com

Coming in second place is Tinig ng Plaridel’s editor-in-chief AY 2012-2013 Xianne Arcangel. Her dress won’t be that noticeable if not for the train. She was the true mark of a person who thinks beyond the line. I guess she was also among the fewest (or none at all) who wore a dress with a train. You could imagine the flying and trailing while she walked.

Adding to the score was the fact that Xianne is not actually the fashionista type, until the graduation ceremony.

Photo from Xianne's Facebook account
Photo from Xianne’s Facebook account

And, the woman who earned the top spot is Raine Calucag. People know she’ll be fashionable during the ceremony, but to be THIS fashionable, nobody expected that. My favorite dress that morning, among all. Mostly made of huge laces, it reminded me of my mom’s wedding gown. The dress hanging above the knee opens down, a blend of a ballerina and a cheerleader.

Me with Raine. Photo taken by Melissa Luz Lopez
Me with Raine. Photo taken by Melissa Luz Lopez

I wouldn’t forget a dress that would earn a special mention. I actually never noticed this during the ceremony, but when I saw her pictures on Facebook, the dress looked amazing. It’s worn by Kat Enriquez, one of my first friends in UP.

Photo submitted by Kat
Photo submitted by Kat

It reminded me of Miss Australia 2008 Laura Dundovic’s national costume during the Miss Universe 2008 competition.

From souveniraustralia.com
From souveniraustralia.com

Congratulations UP Batch 2013!








2 thoughts on “UPCMC’s best-dressed journalism graduates

  1. I like Xianne’s! Not a lot of girls can actually wear a dress train and make it fab. But Xianne nails it. 😀

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