We only needed a feathered boa: One jazz music experience


I can never be in love with jazz music, both the standard and the new forms, if not because of Michael Buble and his fantastic singing.

During the Tokyo-Manila Jazz and Arts Festival preview concert almost two weeks ago, I did not care if I was with old business people secretly pounding their fingers onto their laps or onto the tables, with socialites who always have a good taste of music, and with properly made-up waitresses.

I am a young and coming artsy guy looking for good music everywhere. And when I attended the free jazz concert, I knew I made the right decision.

Tingling sensation everywhere. The crescendos, the vibratos, and the voices of the jazz artists from the Philippines and from Japan tickled me. So sad for the old men that I can freely jive with the music patting my hands and fingers on the table without being judged. Hey, I’m still young.

That night was a night of excellent music. I was like in a lounge or inside a bar in Chicago, Illinois listening to the talented African-American singers such as in Dream Girls, The Great Gatsby, or in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Too bad my mom was with us and I could not order a cocktail drink.

With renowned Filipino Jazz singer Charito
With renowned Filipino Jazz singer Charito

If you think Tokyo and Manila (oh yes they are business partners now), but looking back through history, were mortal enemies, music now binds them together. Japanese artists playing instruments and Filipino artists singing to their beat.

A Grand piano. A Japanese guy on with his double bass. Early 1900s fashion inspirations, at least, though some of the artists really tried so hard. And of course, a photo-op with Charito, one of the country’s highly-acclaimed Jazz singer, who, married a foreigner.

Real artistry. With Japanese cello player, Yoshio Suzuki
Real artistry. With Japanese double bass player, Yoshio Suzuki

Some post-scripts: It’s my first post about music, real music. And I love Solaire Resort and Casino, by the way. I wanted to wrap a boa around my sister and my mom who were with me that night. 🙂


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