The boutique that paints the city with prints

Whether there was a cash prize won at the Project Runway Philippines or not, finalist Joseph Montelibano is more than a designer. He’s got an artist’s heart for business. During the opening of Paint Boutique on May 25, the store rained prints, prints, and prints. Of course not to forget that it was also showered with young fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs, a hot model, and the oldies who were never fearful of tasting something youthful.


It’s a one-stop shop featuring clothes from your favorite international brands. And when I say international, it’s beyond Europe and the US. You’ve got brands from India, Australia, and Singapore among others. Why visit your favorite international brands inside malls where you still have to find a decent parking space (which, takes several minutes) when you could just hop off and drop by Northeast Square in Greenhills after work?

The boutique’s creative director Joseph has got them for you, after he traveled as far as Europe, India, Asia, and Australia to get the pieces and bring them to the country. You’ve got international brands such as  ZARA, Desigual, H&M, Cotton On, Lacoste, Betty Basics, Shana, Gloweave, Supre, Cocolatte, Factorie, Anokhi, Paul Smith, Reef, Antonio Bacci, and more! In affordable prices.


Personally, what draws me to enter a shop I heard for the first time are not the items (especially if I haven’t done any primary research online), but the interior of the place. Paint Boutique’s interior will draw you closer, making you feel like home. Cushioned seats, paintings and portraits on walls, fashion books on the corner, and picture frames. It’s simple, cozy, and patron-friendly.


And, there’s a supermodel bust. Whoever that is, it’s a taste of the shop’s unwavering elegance.


Prints have always a challenge for men’s fashion. Men generally are not attention-whores (pun intended). We maybe attention-“studs” but not always. We give it to the women. Therefore, prints in men’s fashion are not the centerpiece. Wearing prints for me means you need to have a keen sense of pairing and color matching. You don’t want to catch attention in a bad way.

I love Paint Boutique because of it’s right taste for prints — in women’s fashion. They have striking stripes that looks like a piece from the Dolce and Gabanna Spring/Summer 2013 collection.


Formal stripes fit for a female mime or a female gondola driver from Venice, who can go straight to an Italian cocktail party.


And who wouldn’t forget, denim fashion for females for that extra masculinity. Empowerment!

IMG_0529 IMG_0539

For women who want to be in the shadows and still look elegant in black, Paint Boutique’s got it’s “dark corner” with Gothic-style apparel, plain and printed.


These skirts have patterns so exotic that will either intimidate men or push them hard to touch.


A corner for shoes and bags, rows of them. This store has got everything for you. Say, come and visit the shop when you are into a dilemma where you were invited to a night party but home’s too far to pick up your best dress.

IMG_0520 IMG_0504 IMG_0527

To cap off everything, accessorize! Paint Boutique has something for you!

IMG_0516 IMG_0517 IMG_0512

But probably the best-dressed of the night would go to Joseph’s cousin, Ms. Valerie Prieto. She has been into business for about 10 years and now wants to practice her passion for fashion. Ms. Valerie came from a picnic with her cherry-laden dress and wide skirt shaped with a wire on its edge that helped it swing as she walked. Where’s the bow or the bandana, Ms. Valerie?


My friend, Bea Malveda who also is writing about this and I, would like to thank Joseph and Valerie for inviting us to the boutique’s Preview series. Small talks with Joseph are like lasting friendship. He’s got a charisma that draws out realistic laughter, not fake, from the people with him. I think I could talk to him for hours and not be tired. Thank you!

With Mr. Joseph Montelibano, my friend Bea

You might be asking if the shop includes the personal creations of Joseph. It will be, very soon. In the middle of the year, Paint Boutique will be launching Joseph’s designs. Can’t wait!

Top from SM Men’s fashion featured at the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013, red shorts from People are People

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