Ethereal meets impalpable: A review of the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013

PFW22 copy

The fashion week opened with impalpability and ended with heavenly beauty.

The 16th edition Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013, which has been held since 1997, is bigger than ever. Not because of the models, or the designers alone. There’s more to it than it meets the eye. And sure, Marie Claire creative director Nina Garcia was seen seated among the country’s top designers and fashion enthusiast during the JAG show. I do not care if she was just invited to be part of the show or she really wanted to see the local runway show. The least fact that a Nina Garcia was witness to the wonderful designs by Filipino talents would speak for itself.

The fashion week, unlike the previous seasons, opened with Michael Cinco whose one design was recently worn by a Hollywood star during the Met Gala 2013.

His collection that night was titled “The Impalpable Dream of Russia,” though I was expecting a title like, “The Impalpable Dream of Portugal.” Pun, if you know what I mean.

The collection was breathtaking, as usual. An alternative appearance of dresses, gowns, dresses, and gowns again, it was a battle of good and evil, of yin and yang, and of black and white. I was like watching a live chess match, with the white pieces moving forward first followed by the black pieces. Well, as for me, the black pieces won.

We have seen those patterns in his creations. The beige and white details on the gowns and dresses reminiscent of the old Filipino houses, the azotea, the carpets, and the staircases. The designs were modernly Maria Clara. What I love was his great taste in the peplum which I thought has lost its trend since last year.

dsc_7501 dsc_7521 dsc_7577 dsc_7648 dsc_7668 dsc_7917

Who wouldn’t admire the feisty details of Cinco’s body-tight fabrics? I was in love, adding the hypnotic classical music on the background, that is, Pachelbel.

Photo by Lindley Agustin



Black pieces advance.

dsc_7853 dsc_7768 dsc_7735 dsc_7717

Now, the centerpieces (of course there were two) reminded the audience that hey, it was Michael Cinco who designed one of dresses that earned praises during the Met Gala 2013. A mixture of black and dark red, seeing the gown would make you think you are munching a fruit cake. With wine of course.

dsc_7881 dsc_7954

The gown worn by Paloma Faith during Vogue’s Met Gala. Theme: punk.


The entire fashion show, after seeing various designs from young and veteran designers, underwears, and bodies, ended sweetly with a collection from Albert Andrada titled “Ethereal.” I must admit Michael Cinco gave a more ethereal collection, which seriously had me teary-eyed, than Albert Andrada did. And maybe, it would have been better if a collection as grand of those of Michael was showcased during the closing as Michael set a very glamorous tone.

Nevertheless, it was a good collection, featuring Plissé tulles, silk organzas,  silks, jacquard  taffetas, head accessories, and laces.

What brought the night away was the set design, way, way better that the simplified design of Michael’s show. Kinda reminded me of the glitzy Chicago, plus, the collection was ornamented with gold and silver pieces.

And yes, the background music was superb.

cel_3828 cel_3908 cel_3922 cel_3939 cel_3952 cel_4076 cel_4143 cel_4185 cel_4239 cel_4268 cel_4307


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With Bea Malveda and Michael Cinco. Photo by Denisse Agustin
With Bea Malveda and Michael Cinco. Photo by Denisse Agustin

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