Miss USA 2013 goes roaring 20s: Who did it right?

It’s that time of the year again when people, mostly Americans and Latinos, go crazy about Miss USA. The pageant has been getting more and more buzz this year as renowned fashion photographer Fadil Berisha chose the roaring 20s as inspiration of the contestants’ glam shots. Over the past few years, save from the 2011 glam shots, the glam shots focused on the seductive and hotness part of the girls. Now, it’s time to show off what real beauty is.

As a crash course on the roaring 20s, it is that time of the year when glitz, glamor, fashion, and beauty were at their peaks in New York City. Parties everywhere, literally overflowing drinks, the sin cities flourished, and the rise of the American dream. Oops, I might have partly quoted that from the Great Gatsby movie. But speaking of The Great Gatsby, Fadil tweeted that he used the movie as his inspiration.

Why not? The 20s was the decade of women empowerment, the decade when suffrage rights to women were finally given, among other privileges.

When we get the hear the roaring decade, we hear of particular people. When we talk about beauty and fashion, the name of the silent film star Louise Brooks resounds.

She was the embodiment of the modern woman. Online platforms describe her as, “brash, beautiful, sexual, talented, idealistic, impetuous, and insatiable.”

Brooks’ famous line: “I like to drink and fu*k,” was the battlecry of many celebrities during the 1920s and beyond.

A famous line by Brooks was, "I like to drink and f*ck." Photo from fanpop.com
A famous line by Brooks was, “I like to drink and f*ck.” Photo from fanpop.com

Now how should the girls have done it? It’s not about copying, it’s about embodying the real beauty of the 1920s. The hairs then were done in full detail – shiny, straight, short and if not, short with full-bodied curls. The face then was a face of glamor and one look told she’s from the roaring 20s. Her smile painted a thousand words – the smile of everlasting beauty, the smile of being on top.

I reviewed the entire photo collection of Fadil posted on the Miss USA website and picked out ten ladies who did it right or nearly right. Let’s begin!

1. Miss Alabama – Mary Margaret McCord

“Pageantry has given me real-world experience to build my professional skills and has also allowed me to build my self-confidence while encouraging others to do the same.”


2. Miss Arizona – Rachel Massie

“Thanks to my upbringing, I am now independent, responsible, and goal oriented. This has led me to have a passion to serve others, pursue new experiences, and be a role model/mentor.”


3. Miss California – Mabelynn Capeluj

“My parents have instilled strong work ethics and good values in me. I have worked hard for everything in my life and I am proud to say I did it all on my own and nothing has ever been handed to me.”


4. Miss Indiana – Emily Hart

“I have been able to appreciate how much I continue to improve intellectually, spiritually, and physically. Pageants have given me goals that keep me motivated to constantly improve myself.”

 photographer_uploaded_2_105_0_1370308185_2013 (1)

5. Miss Iowa – Richelle Orr

“Pageantry is still relevant in today’s society because it gives women a strong backbone to pursue our dreams. Not only does the pageant give us phenomenal communication skills to be leader’s in today’s society, but also shows the courage it takes to achieve dreams”


6. Miss Massachusetts – Sarah Kidd

“I am ready to put my heart and soul into becoming the best Miss USA that has ever reigned. I have the confidence to walk into a room and capture the attention even without a crown.”


7. Miss Michigan – Jaclyn Schultz

“I would be honored to win the title of Miss USA, to inspire and educate girls, and to represent the top beauty brand in the world. But most importantly, I would bring to the title a genuine personality, a positive attitude and someone ready to serve.”


8. Miss New Mexico – Kathleen Danzer

“I have a love for helping others and making a change and difference in my community and the country I love.”


9. Miss Ohio – Kristin Smith 

“Happiness doesn’t come disguised as material things, but is found within us and the ones we love; it just needs to be awakened.”


10. Miss Wyoming – Courtney Gifford 

“My upbringing has taught me to find the best in every person and situation and to heal through humor.”



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