Ready for the next big thing

The graduates of my University set us apart because of one thing – the moment we were called graduates, we become creatures ready to devour the world. By devour, we mean ready to take the next challenge and be on top. The corporate world may be far more different from University life, and far more cruel, but taking a step to it requires you to leave something behind.


I happen to visit a friend’s school one day. We were inside a car with open windows, the air just brushing your hair. Passing by the small hallway filled with young-looking students in their most fashionable wear, as far as school attire is concerned, chatting and playing ball catch. That was the moment I missed University life. Leaving that phase is easier said than done.

But I am happy that I was able to enjoy the gap between graduation and exchanging school IDs with company visitors’ IDs. The vacation I promised myself after graduation, after all the piles of stress that college gave me, was fulfilled.


I came to spend hours with my friends, with academics totally off from the conversation – just good music, laughter, giggles, inside jokes and what-not. There is a whole world outside the walls of your University, a world that might never be the same once one is accepted for a real job. I spent hours with them, inside a car (we stuffing it) along EDSA with loud music on the background, inside coffee shops and dessert shops, inside bars and even in front of neighborhood stores.

The smell of smoke, though the temptation part will always come, is a celebration of youth. The endless flow of bubbling drinks, a celebration of innocence.


Then I visited the malls I never frequented before, Makati malls and Taguig malls, seeing such an amazing spender crowd inside. At first I stepped back, the monstrosity of consumerism looming in front of a young lad who just graduated from college. But I realized that there is nothing we can do but to live with it. A waterfall is a waterfall, it can never flow back.

Then I spent days discovering the alleys and gallows of love and relationships, that they are not like a coin with two sides that can be flipped. It is like constellations with countless connections and possibilities.

Then spending a Friday night that stretched for hours but felt like days with high school friends, playing games and answer the toughest questions I have ever been asked. I thought the happiness from high school can be matched, but no. They are still the most fun and loving crowd you can ever imagine.


The most important thing is that I was able to think about what I wanted to do in life, what I wanted to accomplish, and what I wanted to reach.

I will miss the days between graduation and initiation (to the company that will be tied with you for months or maybe for years) that made me enjoy the life between being young and confused to being matured and goal-oriented. I am ready to devour.

On me: Light blue long-sleeved top from Regatta, orange huge-pocketed pants from SM Department store exclusively designed by Rhett Eala, and hat from SM Accessories.

All photos by Aure Aman Puntil taken at the Canyon Ranch, Laguna. Thanks to Yango family for hosting us. 



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