Ignore misconceptions about models, they are humans too


More than the pages of a glossy magazine and the billboards that make us revere them as demi-gods, I was introduced to the world of models during my first attendance at the Philippine Fashion Week two years ago.

I could remember a quote from a PFW fashion show, “Beautiful people are the most insecure creatures.”

True enough, everybody wants to become beautiful, everybody admires the beauty of models, despite the differences in our concepts of beauty. But entering the industry – as a publicist, as a blogger, as a writer, or even a simple alalay – requires one to give up things. First, you give up your charisma. When doing runway shows, big smiles aren’t necessary, talking too loud isn’t necessary. Second, you give up pride. Beauty is the game here, not ego. Third, you give up your experiences. You might be good at walking and doing the strut, but if you don’t have the looks you are out.

Modelling is a different world altogether. But I have some points to clear. Models are human too, they can feel, they can see, and they can understand. Whoever coined the notion that models are snobbish and haughty individuals, must try to soul-search and see for themselves.

Like painters, theater artists, interior designers, and architects, modeling is an art in itself, no lesser. The way they walk, glance at the audience, and keep the balance, it’s both an art and a science. When someone tells one, “you should be a model!” and the person asks “why?,” the answer is simple, because they are perfection.

But more than the looks, I came to talk to some models and realized they speak and understand like the majority of the people does, sometimes even less smarter. Their minds are even more complicated than most, several things buzzing around. They also have a family, who accepted who they are.

They also know how to love unconditionally, not to love playfully. When people imagine models inside bars, they see individuals flinging with a circle of girls or a circle of boys. It’s a misconception. Sometimes, it is them who can love the best.

I am looking forward to spending more time with them and learning their lives, complicated as ever.



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