ANTM XX2.0: The series that tells the model’s story

At last, the series that brings together male and female models, and people in between, is here in town! To get things done and to share the smize to the rest of the world.

And Top Model Rewritten is here to — you know what it does.

When the teaser of the series was released to the world, words that came out of red and passionate, as well as white and pale lips, are, “gorgeous!,” “excited!,” and “mamma mia!” among other languages, as gibberish as they may be.

“We give the girls a run for their money,” supermodel Tyra Banks said.

When it was shown to the world in its first episode, lips were speechless.

The comeback of the judges during the previous season such as maven Kelly Cutrone, and male model Rob Evans, was one of the reasons. We see blogger Bryan Boy out of the picture of the judges’ table, but he is making waves with his looks, and his statements as well.

Another reason for a new season? It appears that the season is going to be a huge story book that will tell and re-tell a model’s life. A model’s life is often immortalized as giants in magazines, televisions, newspapers, and ads…

Follow the rest of the analysis here on the real link to Top Model Rewritten

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See you on the next episode!


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