Suerte, buenas: Getting lucky is a lot more easier

My Sunday morning is met with drizzles of rain and I thought, maybe it’s time for the Philippine fashion world to create pieces for this months-long season. Some countries have the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer fashion shows. My mantra has always been creating your own masterpiece, entirely your own. It’s almost time to create a show for the second season. Call it the rainy fashion show (not good), or the wet fashion show (not good too), or the Monsoon Fashion Show™. Let’s be the first to create it. It will be nice when the Philippines is able to hold the first Monsoon Fashion Show among all countries with only two seasons, right? Let’s take everything in a faster pace.

The Philippine Fashion Week takes their names from the international fashion shows, but hey, the international fashion shows are working depending on their country’s physical makeup. Isn’t it weird and hilarious to attend a Philippine Fashion Week named as Spring/Summer when most of the pieces are couture intended for and based from the international market. It would have been good if they were based from the same cluster of nations having the same weather. Fashion is intended for wearing, not for sharing. A Philippine Fashion Week Summer™ and Philippine Fashion Week Monsoon™ are two perfect names for the country. Take it or leave it, just credit this blogger. 

Do I say we focus on recreating our national costumes and basing everything from there? Probably. Umbrellas, cap umbrellas, hats, you get it.

With my PETA mentor, Leloi Arcete
With my PETA mentor, Leloi Arcete

Today we celebrate the birthday of my grandpapa, Reynaldo Celestial, whose father was a fashion designer then in the early 1900s. Yes, you got it, he witnessed the peak of fashion especially when he visited New York. My grandfather Reynaldo was his brother’s assistant (the fashion designer) who runs the atelier. They were usually dressing the important people in our church, so their creations were mostly coats, ties, pants, and Philippine ternos.

With my PETA officemates
With my PETA officemates. When one day, we decided to take photos of our fashion

Now, the business still runs but with a small shop in the Makati area. I usually get my Barongs sewn there, as well as batik-colored Barongs, and the gown in my sister’s debut. Being an senior designer, I usually give my designer lolo (not the birthday lolo) my design pegs, which are mostly youth-oriented and have it sewn by him. The results are quite amazing.


Reynaldo Celestial is born of Spanish-Chinese descent. He was actually my academic savior, interviewing him and his wife, Luz, when my history teacher asked us to get personal interviews with people who witnessed the World War, and the stories are quite inspiring. During my Creative Writing class in college, my lolo and lola’s love story were my inspiration, crafting a poem out of it.

Mitch Go, PETA accountant
Mitch Go, PETA account manager

What I like about my office mates, on the side note, is being fashionista in their own sense. Buying it from thrift shops, I don’t care as long as they look glamorous on them. The prints are amazing. For a man like me, wearing prints is awkward so I satisfy my craving to just looking at them.

One senior member of PETA, on a dinner in a Persian place, before the critics’ night, told me that I should be her stylist because of how I commented on her fashion that night. It was a single-flowing dress with multi-colored, mostly warm, prints. But her earrings did not complement, so I said it. She said she is not an accessories person so that explains it. She took my advise and now I am her personal stylist whenever she comes to the office!

Joyce, as she is. Hippie.
It’s all about matching.


What’s wrong with being born on an August? The monsoon becomes your “playmate,” and your both a virgin and a wild lion. But August is also the month of Philippine heroes and the month of sweetness. Feliz cumpleanos, Lolo Rey! We will always love you!

On me: Cardigan from Penshoppe, navy blue striped shirt from 101 New York, khaki shorts from People Are People, shoes from Bradford. Location: Whitespace Manila


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