Experience with “the girl who gets married again”

Group wedding and veils, my favorite photo
Group wedding and veils, my favorite photo

My few travels taught me that to reach perfection, one must go through trials, may they be physical or psychological trials, such as reaching the peak of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, reminded by my dearest uncle. It was a bit difficult for me to course through the web and look for a decent replay video of the 20th cycle of America’s Next Top Model. It was only when the rain pour stopped for a while that I happened to find one.

ANTM’s third episode which peaked from models getting down the runway to facing the most controversial weddings in the world got me on the hook. Again, raising issues inside my head which I would be willing to share with you. From star-crossed paths and unrequited love, from Guess’ amazing collection, to the models paired with their dream-like or nightmare weddings.

I always believed that present-day models are courtiers born to look like one and made to be such. They needed to be found and dressed as they are. After all, they are models, someone to emulate. They play games inside the palace, they run over grasses, and seep through garden mazes, not to forget sailing boats along rivers and on lakes.

The storm has not withered away yet but we never stop, the history is a proof.

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