Tyra teaches models chemistry

1170882_497758893634524_1109082049_n (1)

What could be happier than having the favorite photo of this blog matching the tastes of the judges? Happy thing number one. But when Rob and Tyra went in to see the models, hands held together, only to say that rumors on their togetherness will remain as such. That’s a sad thing.

What I like about Tyra’s creativity is bringing supermodels to “watch over” the shoots. Before, it was the alluring Coco Rocha and now, it’s time for Alessandra Ambrosio to take the limelight.

Tyra’s colleague, Alessandra is born of Italian and Polish-Brazilian parents who own a petrol station. She enrolled in a modelling class at age 12 and at age 14, she was one of 20 finalists for the 1996 Elite Model Look in Brazil. Despite the age, she still send sparks (not fake) on stage during the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. This time, she acts as a watching-over chemist in a shoot to test the models’ chemistry.

Developing chemistry in shoots is always a difficult thing, being a stable process. There are a lot of things to consider: the relationship of two elements, their personalities, their confidence and courage, and their outlook. Chemistry is always easy when one “dominates”…

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