A model who is a victim of abuse, social climbing, turning ramps and more!


A scene of friends or would-be friends living under one roof is probably the most exciting young adult drama to write about. It is the moment when you live in a house forcibly because it’s part of the competition or part of the job and therefore, the necessity to get along with people you love and people you hate. It’s also the time when you make relationships, either forced relationships because there’s no one else but them or relationships built on trust and reliance.

This is also the time when you get to know yourself, where you act differently and be out of your comfort zone because you are not living with your parents or living only with yourself anymore. Living with friends under one roof is the chance to let all out.

A victim of abuse: Spotlight on Chris

Chris is never my favorite in the competition because his rockstar and Albino look (apologies). But learning his past in one of the episodes made me realized his spot in the competition. After all this blog is all about highlighting the other side of the runway, the backstage of a model’s life.

One episode caught a short brawl between Chris and Mike, which all sprang from Chris’ insecurity over himself, as a result of an abusive mother. He said his mom was verbally and physically abusive with him, that if she had her cellphone and he said something that angered her, its gonna run around the room and reach his head.

“She didn’t know how to show her love,” he said.

One day, he came home expecting an 18th birthday surprise but saw white walls, seeing her mother deserting him.

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