Tribal-inspired Monday

Hi friends! It’s been a while and I’m dying to post more of my looks, only that my photographer is always on-call at work. But I have sets of clothes lined up to be captured. In the meantime, I am posting a tribal-inspired look today, with the spotlight on my accessories.

Why tribal? Perhaps I chose to accessorize on a Monday because of my work-loaded weekend. I never got to have a weekend at all. Saturday was an event day at the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and Sunday was interview day for a story we are working on. It’s hunger for some rural travel and meeting with the tribes and embodying them through accessories would be the best way to start the week.

This week is also the hype for the fashion week in New York and therefore, a hype in the looks of local fashion citizens.

Tribal Monday


I usually pair up the necklace (left photo) with my red striped long-sleeves top from Hangten Malaysia because of its wide neckline that there is a need to put something on the neck or it’s just bare and plain. The tribal necklace, an eagle-shaped piece, was hand-made and carved by the tribesmen in Baguio City and sold by authentic Igorot-blooded businessmen. The shop is located on a second-story shop before the gates of Mines View Park where other local goods and decors were also sold. I found this necklace and asked the Igorot salesperson for the price. It’s a little bit pricey but when I asked why, he said it’s because of it being hand-made and being a true Igorot necklace.

“You’ll never find it somewhere else in Baguio,” he said. And I bought it, something like a collector’s item.

Meanwhile, the bracelet is of course not Philippine-inspired, making me look like a samurai-age Japanese warrior like Inu-Yasha, which I am missing at the moment of writing.

Other pieces sold at the Baguio tribal items shop are these:

Baguio Tribe (2)

Baguio Tribe

Have a cultured week ahead everyone!


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