It’s the men’s turn: Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week Cycle 3 this weekend!

As a fashion blogger who has to keep up with the style, I am more of a fan of menswear than RTWs or couture outfits tailored for women. I could identify, and appreciate the style of women, but as someone who venerates the menswear, I try to be as masculine as I could be in my personal style. Many menswear collections today are driving towards the feminine side — more floral patterns, more curves, more fabrics. I may not be a fan of outrageous menswear collections.

That is why there is a need to draw lines between a fashion week ruled by female wear and a fashion week ruled by menswear. The world currently has few menswear fashion shows such as in London, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, and Pitti Uomo. The Philippines, on its own little footsteps, is trying to keep up with the growing global phenomenon – holding a fashion week no matter how small-scale it may be. Hint, hint, it is during menswear fashion shows that you could very well identify which is going towards the feminine masculine and the solid masculine.

Untitled-1 copy

Everything still seems to be small for Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week…

From a small and tight restobar in Makati called Covas Tapas Y Sangria where the press preview and launch was held, the small array of models who showed some of the designs, the small crowd, and the small venue in Robinsons Manila, you could clearly see that Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week is quite far from being a global event, as differed from the Philippine Fashion Week which has its own menswear show.


But however small, the grandiosity of the designs makes us think that being noticed is the only loophole, Some of the designers of the menswear whom I have seen in previous fashion shows, such as Nico Agustin, Jovan dela Cruz, and Mark dela Pena, are promising.

With other designers, they are going to present their Spring/Summer 2014 collection for fashionista and stylish men to go crazy as the year opens.

The Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week Cycle 3 is happening September 28 and September 29 at Robinsons Place Manila at 4 p.m. It will feature designers such as Manny Halasan, Dave Ocampo, Vin Orias, Edwin Uy, and Clint Catalan among others. The show is produced by Nico Agustin, Joseph Montelibano, and MJ Alminanza.

Be sure to get those solid menswear fever on!

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