SM Men’s Fashion show brought London to Manila

What’s best about my October before it ends and turns into dreadful November? The chance of being selected as one of the winners of SM Men’s Fashion’s #WhoIsGandy Twitter contest. The contest made me post my most uncanny photos I searched from my album baul, the overly slim phases of my life with a dog on a leash just to say that hey, I got a photo with a dog like Gandy.

Seeing the show’s stage from my perspective, I was a little disappointed at first. One, the orchestra positioned on the center stage is covered with a circular and curved LED screen. Two, a circular runway, seriously? It would be difficult for both the audiences and the photographers to take a perfect glimpse of the looks with the models walking in a circular pattern. Three, a blank, black fabric hanging from behind the stage. I told myself, is this how you’ll make the show for David Gandy, the world’d highest-paid male supermodel?

But I was wrong.

As the models walked like horses on a carousel ride or people walking on a running disc, the collection from SM Men’s Fashion blew my heart away. I have always thought the SM Department Store would offer small and economical designs. Strolling around the mall with the talkative sales people and disorganized set-up makes me think it is a thrift and bargain store.

The stage was a Transformers character in itself, combining dream-like production and innovative set design. It brought London to Manila. The LED lights revealed the orchestra that started playing stringed versions of pop music. It was then that I realized the the circular runway may be a voice for a London’s Big Ben, even hyped with the revelation of the backdrop, a lighted design with circles that resembled the Big Ben at night. It was from there where David Gandy entered.


When the models showed of their SM items, it had a multiple personality – from David Gandy-fied looks, punk and sporty attires into one, fabulous knits, ready-to-wear, and clothes perfect for summer next year – I knew it was going to be an amazing show. We just don’t mind the out-of-the-normal walk of the models in a circular way, but maybe it was meant to show the clothes’ back part.

Denim, dashing, debonair

Some say denim is so 90s. SM Men’s Fashion proves them wrong. The night opened with a celebration of denim wear, checkered, developing from rugged styles to styles that can be brought to creative prom nights.

IMG_0696 IMG_0700 IMG_0702 IMG_0705 IMG_0708

Space, time, prints

From a rugged barn collection, the showcase shifted to highly elaborate print designs featuring lines, intersections, and shapes.

IMG_0721 IMG_0723 IMG_0719 IMG_0717


Midway between summer and winter

What made the looks summer-y? The hotness. What made the looks winter-y? The red checkered styles, matching soft couches in front of fireplaces. It’s Christmas time!

IMG_0727 IMG_0729

I didn’t know SM Menswear can be cool too

The hippest and coolest collection followed suit. This is the point where being athletic and being punk are combined into one. The silver spikes and buttons on caps, light pastels stuck with black colors, and head straps. You got it.

IMG_0738 IMG_0742


David Gandy-fied

The first words that came from my mouth when the first look of this collection entered the stage was, “very David Gandy.” Let’s skip the part when we have to impress David Gandy that Filipinos know him and his looks, and his campaigns, by heart. But there can only be one David Gandy. Sorry, models.

IMG_0748 IMG_0750 IMG_0752 IMG_0756

Summer it is!

It’s a common nature for menswear fashion shows in the country to force the models to show some skin. The collection, I didn’t understand where it came from.

 IMG_0763 IMG_0761 IMG_0760 IMG_0765

Gandy full of charms

Let’s forgive the highest paid supermodel for adapting the model-turned-stars habit of smiling while doing the ramp walk. Let’s forgive him from drawing out yells from the audience. For the less one a minute exposure, let’s forgive him.



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