Forgive the fashion connoisseur


Forgive the fashion connoisseur. 

Who thought the name ‘connoisseur’ is right for anything fashion. 

A form that claims to be high, sophisticated, classy

But class is for the few

It is not what a connoisseur is. 

A connoisseur is a judge in taste.

Taste is not for a select few. 

Taste must be for all. 

Pick a dress, pay the price — the high price

For it is handmade, they claim, for it is beaded, they say

For it is sweat, and blood, and tears, and fluids, and semen, yes. 

But where is toil? 

Only good art has the toil of the craft. 


Fashion feeds on beauty, the beauty that is the popular form. 

What is the popular form? Tall, lean, foxy, and hot

Head turners and eye grabbers and toy grabbers you may add

They dream about a fashionable, beautiful, world

When they feed on endless booze, endless wine, endless laughter

at the expense of the unfortunate who cannot even maintain a diet.


They dream of a fashionable world, of king’s and queen’s, of Victorian dresses,

of Marie Antoinette hairs, or French courts,

when their actions are not even noble,

nor acceptable in royal courts.

Dream of a fashionable world, you can have the right,

When you give up carnal pleasures and limitless desires

To dress up what you think are ugly ducklings

and penniless witches, for you to understand more 

To dress up the entire world the way you dress up

your gods and goddesses, your models

To dress up without expecting a dime

Dream of a fashionable world, you are free,

when you have understood the world.

Forgive the fashion connoisseur

Who will never do fashion, never ever, until it serves all.


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