Wear your team, the fashion soccer is also on in Brazil


If the fashion sense of Cariocas seems so casual for you, we’ve got more styling tips as you walk the streets of Brazil. With over a million fans attending the World Cup, it will always be difficult to move on from every match happening in the stadium. Whether you are an avid fan or merely a supporter of football, you can never escape the football fever especially that the games are held in the world’s soccer capital.

So go with the cruise and style yourself still sticking to your home country team even after the matches. Color code your outfits with the country you are betting to win when you go out to dine in Rio’s classic restaurants, when you grab a beer in the city’s alehouses, when you go shopping for more fashion finds, or simply strolling around the beautiful city.

Yes, what you wear at night after the matches still reflects the country you are supporting. It’ll help you find your ‘allies’ among the massive world population in the area, or perhaps help you win more friends by discussing about the game after a day of soccer matches. Just don’t forget to pay your food bills.

“Let your clothes do the supporting for you,” UK’s Express reporter Antonia Krakowski said in her article.



Are you a Brazilian native whose nationalism and egoism pierce through your clothes? Or are you a foreigner who visited the country because you love how the Brazilians play the game? Winning is also about wearing.

For supporters of the national team, go out with style with a yellow River Island top and royal blue skirt from Zara all at US$ 60. Heat them up with a feathered necklace you can buy are bargain prices in Rio, an Ursula Mascaro heels and an Ice Watch for a total of US$ 590. Ready to hit the bars?



Cameroon’s soccer team is another tough cookie to beat.  They may be underdogs in FIFA histoy, but who knows, your fashion might get them to action.

Try this: a nice printed top with embellished neckline from Topshop at US$ 64, a pencil skirt from Linea at House of Fraser at US$ 117, and a pair of heels from River Island for US$ 84. Simple but wild, perfect for Cameroon. Give them that roar!



With four world titles to their name two runners-up slots, Italy lie second only to Brazil on the all-time FIFA World Cup honours board. You know what to do. Take your Italian inspired fashion to the next level and see a repeat on finals night. “See you at the finals,” is what you’ll tell to your Brazilian amigos.

Wear a blue crop top and a pencil skirt from Oasis. This simple because Italy is a center for fashion, this alone makes a statement.


With many English football players making big names in the fashion industry such as David Beckham, being fashionably English at the World Cup arena that is Rio may be too intimidating. Let’s trim it down a bit. Plain is beautiful, remember.

We style British ladies in Brazil with a one-piece white dress from Topshop for only US$ 70, a petal earrings from Dorothy Perkins and an Ice watch.



For Argentinian fans out there, we give you colors that match the Argentinian flag, reflecting the strong nature of the Argentinian people.

Try on this vertical striped shirt from Topshop and a white skirt from Next. Let’s see if they cannot identify you as a supporter of the team.



Chile is one of Brazil’s greatest soccer opponents and possibly, to make friends with the locals is to be stylish during the night, because morning’s going to be a lot different once again. Bring on a red shirt from Mango for US$ 57 paired with a sky blue pleated skirt from Topshop at US$ 60. Try on American Apparel socks at US$18, suede heels from Asos at US$ 126.



And finally, we’ve got fashion tips for the ever-strong Spanish fans, who can be the greatest threat and cause of Brazil’s downfall again in the World Cup after several decades.

One piece dress from Oasis, a pair of socks with white stripes from American Apparel, and a medallion necklace from Wallis shall complete the Spanish aura.

Now that you are more than ready to meet with your amigos and amigas before getting to bed at night, or now, the only point of argument will be what beers and alcohols to drink. We don’t think the dress won’t work with that. They’re statement pieces, that it.

For more information about the items, visit the online portals of the brands.


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